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RMAE incorporates the Core Virtue education program into our daily life.  During the school year, RMAE students focus on character education with one virtue assigned to each month.

The Core Virtues Foundation is an independent, nonprofit, nonpartisan organization based in Hanover, N.H. and founded by Mary Beth Klee, Ph.D.  - Core Virtue Foundation Website Link

What is the Core Virtues Program?  
Core Virtues is a practical approach to character education that promotes civility, respect for the human person, and human excellence in every way.  The word virtue, in fact, derives from the ancient Greek philosophical tradition and means excellence.

The program objective is to ignite the imagination of the young, inspiring them to do and be their best.
  The program is a catalyst for academic success because it encourages the habits of the mind and heart that are necessary for quality scholarship. 

Cycle of Virtues

The Core Virtues program employs a three- year cycle of virtues, highlighting a different virtue (or trait derived from a virtue) each month of the school year. 


2022-2023 Cycle of Virtues- Year 1

September: Respect and Responsibility

Respect is treating others politely and kindly with high regard. 

Responsibility is doing your part for the groups that make us whole.

October: Diligence

Diligence is working your very hardest and staying with it- a steady, ernest and energetic effort.

November: Gratitude

Gratitude is thankfulness for the gift of life and the gifts in life.

December: Generosity

Generosity is Giving without thinking of getting- giving with an open hand and an open heart.

January: Courage

Courage is doing what is right in the face of fear.
Courage is moving beyond fear.

February: Honesty and Justice

Honesty is truthfulness: loving the truth, telling the truth,and living truthfully in word and deed. 
Justice is making a space for the rights and needs of others.

March: Compassion

Compassion is feeling what others are feeling and trying to help with their troubles- feeling the pain of others, and acting to end their distress

April: Forgiveness

Forgiveness is having enough heart to let go of hurt- freeing yourself from anger and the other from guilt. 

May: Hope

Hope is finding the light in the darkness, and trusting in right endings.


June: Heroism

Heroism is taking noble action for a good cause.

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