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May 21, 2021

Dear Parents,

Congratulations! We are on our final stretch! The last week of 4th grade! 

Great job everyone! Thank you for all your support and patience as we tackled this Crazy Covid Year! Although there may have been some struggles here and there, our students completed the entire 4th grade curriculum and are prepared to tackle 5th grade next year. Way to Go!

Some things to finish off the year:

  1. Please check around the house this weekend and make sure to return any  school textbooks you may still have. Remote students will no longer need their textbooks this next week either. Please return: Processes that Shape Earth,Using Natural Resources for Energy, Gifts of the Gods, Understanding Greek Myths,  Robinson Crusoe. 

  2. Tuesday is Science Innovation Day. 4th graders have worked hard to create games made out of recycled materials to teach about their assigned natural resource. We can’t wait to have fun playing these innovative and educational games!

  3. Wednesday: Desk clean-up and clear out. Please send an extra sturdy grocery type bag for your child to bring his/her belonging home. 

  4. Thursday is a Beach Theme Day. Students can bring beach towels to lay out on, and books and board games to enjoy with their classmates at our carpeted beach front classrooms. Please no electronic games. We will have final class meetings with a special class awards ceremony, sign memory books, and end with a Karaoke sing-along and popsicles.  

  5. Music performance  A peek into what Ms. Carbone’s class has been doing in music this quarter!

  6. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1wltiUTCHttPNX412BVB6HfY-yGEe-p_N?usp=gmail

Thanks again for a year we will never forget!

Have an amazing Summer! 

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP/ 5/24-5/27/21

P.S. Please remember RMAE has Summer Homework Assignments for all grade levels. Look on the website to print off your GO Math packet and sign up at the Jeffco Library for the Summer Reading. Stay Strong with all that you learned this year and impress your 5ht grade teachers!

May 14, 2021

Dear Parents,

Just a few reminders for next week:

  1. Field Day is Wednesday. Fourth grade wears blue shirts. Please remember to have your child bring a water bottle, wear athletic shoes, pt on sunscreen, and dress in layers in case the weather changes. 

  2. Final class behavior celebration- P.J, and Stuffy Day on Friday. 

  3. Your child may be asking to bring in recycled items for their final science projects for Science Innovation Day on Tuesday May 25 - a game teaching about renewable and nonrenewable energy. Please make sure items are clean and safe to reuse. Thank you!

  4. Monday is the last day for late and make-up work. Thanks for your support at home!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP/ 5/17-5/21/21

May 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! 

We have been so spoiled this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. We feel so appreciated!This has been such a unique year, and we have really enjoyed spending it with your children. They are the reason we come to work each day and leave with smiles on our faces ready to return again. RMAE has impressively worked together as a team- parents, teachers, staff and students to make sure our students got the best education this year possible. We are proud to have been your childrens’ teachers through all this.

 Thanks again for appreciating all our hard work! 

Have a very special Mother’s Day Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

P.S Please note the schedule changes due to in-person MAP testing this Tuesday and Wednesday.


Weekly Schedule/ RLP/ 5/10-5/14/21

May 7, 2021

Dear Parents,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again! 

We have been so spoiled this week for Teacher Appreciation Week. We feel so appreciated!This has been such a unique year, and we have really enjoyed spending it with your children. They are the reason we come to work each day and leave with smiles on our faces ready to return again. RMAE has impressively worked together as a team- parents, teachers, staff and students to make sure our students got the best education this year possible. We are proud to have been your children's teachers through all this.

 Thanks again for appreciating all our hard work! 

Have a very special Mother’s Day Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

P.S Please note the schedule changes due to in-person MAP testing this Tuesday and Wednesday.


Weekly Schedule/ RLP/ 5/10-5/14/21


April 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

Ancient China Day was spectacular!  Students had so much fun all dressed in their Chinese attire, enjoyed using chopsticks for lunch, created amazing projects, and had a great virtual trip to the Great Wall. Thank you to everyone who contributed and sent in materials to make this a successful event.

We would like to ask  you to help encourage your child to keep a positive, focused attitude as Spring Fever has hit. Please check Friday Folders, Infinite Campus, and the Weekly Schedule to help students continue to stay on track with their work. All make-up work and corrections must be turned in by May 17th for credit. Thanks for your support.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP/ 5/3-5/7

April 16, 2021

Dear Parents,

We have another week of CMAS testing ahead. Remote families please pay attention to the schedule changes for Zoom due to our testing. Please remind students to bring a book to read after they finish their test.  Thank you for your support and flexibility during our testing window.

As we are nearing the end of school, we need to inventory our books. Please return all classroom books that are still at home. Deb Kelly will be charging families for missing books soon.  Remote students should keep Ancient China and Robinson Crusoe. Next Friday (4/23) return Revolutionary War Books (George vs. George and Colonial Voices) and pick up the next language arts books for Module 4 Myth Making ( Workbook, Walk Two Moons, Understanding Myths, and Pushing Up the Sky.

Thanks a bunch!

Deb and Tracee

*Reminder: Xcel Energy Take-Home Action Kit worksheets due Monday for class extra credit. However, Xcel energy will continue to accept these for the classroom challenge until May 3 for prizes. Remote students who have not picked up their kits, they are still waiting for you. Xcel Energy Link

P.S. Ancient China Day will be on Friday April 30. Start planning a costume for our special 4th grade annual Core Knowledge Celebration. Our wonderful Classroom Coordinators will be contacting you soon with a list of items we will need for this fun day. Thank you for your help!


Weekly Schedule/ RLP4/16-4/23


March 26, 2021

Dear Parents,

To enrich our science units  on Energy and Conservation of Natural Resources we are participating in a program with Xcel Energy. Each 4th grade student is receiving an Energy Take-Action Kit and a fun Energy Workbook. If your child completes the worksheet and returns it to school, they receive extra credit and a prize too! (Due by 4/19) This should be a fun family project as well. 

Have a wonderful Spring Break!

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 4/5-4/9

*Remote Students:

Your Xcel Energy Kits are waiting for you to pick them up at the front of the school.


From Music Class:


As February came to a close, the fourth graders learned about the renowned tap dancer Bill "Bojangles" Robinson in Music class. He was one of multiple musicians we learned about in celebration of Black History Month. Rap-a-Tap Tap is a wonderful book written by Leo and Diane Dillon that shows and tells about Bojangles and his life. The fourth graders used the rhythmic refrain in this book to create their own short melodies. We then chose one to learn together as a class and practiced reading the story aloud and playing the refrain together on the Orff instruments. This project was a lot of fun!


Here is a Google Drive link to the finished product: 



And here is a link to a Google Slides presentation with the words and illustrations from the book: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MON3GzyCkcM9XQEkNSTBOWtvIiSVOAV_/view?usp=sharing


Despite it being a bit of an unusual year in the Music classroom, these students are making wonderful progress. I am very proud of them!


Thank you so much for passing this along to your class email list!

Susanna Jacobson

March 19, 2021

Dear Parents,

Once again we would like to say how impressed we were with the 4th grade attendance during our two Remote Snow Days this week. Great job 4th graders!

Please check in with your child about their Opinion Letters that are due on Monday. These letters follow the 4 paragraph essay format. They are writing a letter to the Sons of Liberty from the perspective of a colonist and sharing their opinions on the Boston Tea Party. They are quoting and citing evidence from two of our class texts or an article in their workbook. They have a checklist for homework asking for a peer/adult to help them revise. I appreciate your support helping your child with this assignment before turning in  their final letters.

Have a great weekend!

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 3/22 -3/26

Remote Students:

P.S. If you haven’t picked up your textbooks at school, the next science and  social studies texts are waiting for you along with your Colorado Book which has been homework this past week.

 *Also, Remote Learners have CMAs testing this next week. We will be flexible with due dates for all assignments. 

March 12, 2021

Dear Parents,

Another great week! 

Please be prepared for students to access the Weekly Schedule/Remote Learning Plan below if we have a Remote Snow Day.

Enjoy your snowy weekend!

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 3/15-3/19

March 5, 2021

Dear Parents,

Please check at home for any school textbooks that you may still have from our remote learning in December and return them as soon as possible. We need to let the office know of any missing books that need to be replaced. Thank you!  Remote learners, there are books ready for pick up in the 4th grade file. These books will be needed starting March 15. 

We also wanted to remind students that they should have about 20 books read and recorded on their 30 Book challenge packets. If your child has lost their packet, please print it off of Google Classroom. Students should be reading 30 minutes each night in order to meet this challenge. Class books count too!.

Enjoy your weekend,

Deb and Tracee


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 3/8-3/12

February 26, 2021

Hello Wonderful Parents!

We were so impressed with our attendance during our Remote Snow Day. Great job 4th graders! We were able to jump right back into learning just as if we were in class! 

Enjoy your weekend

Deb and Tracee

P.S. Thank you to all the parents who have sent in the additional supplies. We appreciate it so much!


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 3/1-3/5

February 19, 2021

Hi Parents,
 This was just a short and sweet week, so here is just a short and sweet note with our schedule. 
Enjoy the weekend!
Tracee and Deb
P.S. We are still seeking donations of notebook paper, index cards, and sticky notes. Thanks so much. 

February 11, 2021

Hello Wonderful Parents!

It was such a pleasure celebrating all the hard work and great progress you children have made during conferences this week. Thank you for sending us such wonderful students to teach! Students have also enjoyed sharing their amazing survival narratives this week. Thank you for your support on this special project. Finally, thank you for helping to make our Valentine’s Day Parties special. We hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day with your sweet kids and families too!

Enjoy the long Presidents' Day Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

*Colorado Environmental Film Festival Virtual Field Trip is this Friday. Remote students need to access a link to  preview videos during our Science/Social Studies this Weds. and Thursday. We will send you the links prior to Wednesday.  We will watch these in person during class time, but don’t have a licence to show them on Zoom. Friday students will participate in a live question and answer virtual field trip with the youth filmmakers. This is an inspiring festival which we have been fortunate to participate in each year due to our connection with Colorado Project Learning Tree and continue to participate as it connects with our last science unit of the year: Using Natural Resources. So please pay attention to ways to protect our Earth!  


Weekly Schedule/ RLP 2/17-2/19

February 5, 2021

Hello Wonderful Parents!

  • Conferences:Your child has his/her Student Led Conference Folder to share with you prior to their scheduled conference.  Plan about 15-20 minutes for them to celebrate their hard work by sharing their reflections on their work and behaviors, read aloud a section from Hatchet, show off their Great Heart Essays, and read their New Year’s Resolutions.Then they will wrap up asking you to help refine their goals and evaluate their conference. During our Zoom conferences, we will discuss any questions that came up during your Student Led Conference and go over their NWEA MAP test scores which students also have in their conference folders. 

Mrs. Vickery's Zoom Conference Link

Ms. Carbone's conference link

  • Survival Narratives: Thank you for helping with the revising and editing process for your child’s Survival Narrative. They are so excited working on their final published books. We will have an Author’s Chair Celebration on Wednesday and Thursday to share their published books. 

  • Valentine’s Parties: Room parents will be sending out more information about our parties which will be on Thursday February 11 soon. All students are invited to bring in Valentine boxes and Valentines for their homeroom class. Remote students are encouraged to make a valentine box and send in Valentines for their homeroom class too! 

  • Supplies:

Please check in with your child to make sure he/she has needed supplies: glue sticks, scissors, pencils, colored pencils. Our class could also use some donations of dry erase markers and notebook paper. Also, everyone will need a new read spiral, by Wednesday February 17 after the President’s Day Break if you haven’t yet sent one in. Thank you! 

Weekly Schedule/ RLP 2/8-2/11

Thanks for all your support!

Have a great Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

January 29, 2021

Dear Parents,

Lots of quick information below:

  • Conferences:

If you have not done so,  please sign up for the February Conferences on the the links below. 

Ms. Carbone's's Homeroom Conference Sign -up

Mrs. Vickery's Homeroom Conference Sign -up

  • Survival Narratives: 2nd Drafts are due typed in google docs and printed out for class on Monday ( You may help  type if your child didn’t finish typing at school)

Students will continue to revise/edit in class using handout 27B from their workbook. Homework Wednesday will be to ask parents to revise/edit and print off their final copies to bring to school on Thursday to publish. *Final copies need to be double spaced, 14 font with margins moved in 2 inches to fit into our “Bare Books.” Thank you! 

  • Math Weekend Homework: Equivalent Fraction Packet is due on Monday. If your child doesn’t have it, it can be found on google classroom. 

  • Valentine’s Parties: Room parents will be sending out more information about our parties which will be on Thursday February 11 soon. All students are invited to bring in Valentine boxes and Valentines for their homeroom class. Remote students are encouraged to make a valentine box and send in Valentines for their homeroom class too! (Class lists will be sent home next week.)

Weekly Schedule/ Remote Learning Plan 2/1-2/5-1/29

  • Remote Students: Tuesday February 2 it is really important that your child attends the Zoom at 2:00 for the Jeffco Make Yourself heard Survey. Thank you. 

Thanks for all your support!

Have a great Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

January 22, 2021

Dear Parents,

It’s conference time again! 

In the fall we had partial student led conferences as students created and shared their goals with you. Our February Conferences are set up so students lead their entire conference. We will be working the next couple weeks in class preparing. Students will be reflecting on their progress and creating an agenda so you have a thoughtful conference. This is an amazing opportunity to celebrate all that your child has learned so far in fourth grade. They will create new goals or revise past goals to work on throughout the rest of the year.  Evidence of their work on these goals will then be featured in an end of year portfolio. Your child will present his/her conference to you prior to your Zoom meeting time. Please sign up on the RMAE website or use the links below. .

Student Led Conferences:

Student’s Role

  • Being responsible for reporting how well they are doing in school.

  • Learning to communicate.

  • Learning to evaluate their work honestly and fairly.

  • Becoming accountable for work and behavior.

  • Learning organizational and leadership skills.

Teacher’s Role

  • Guiding students in evaluating and selecting work.

  • Teaching organizational skills.

  • Helping students and offering support as they plan, prepare, and organize.

  • Being available during conferences and intervening if necessary.

Parent’s Role

  • Actively listen.

  • Ask questions that encourage your child to explain more about their learning process.

  • Compliment your child with positive comments that encourage learning and emphasize what your child does well.

  • Ask what they need to accomplish their goals by encouraging them to talk about specific behaviors.

  • Ask what support they need from you to achieve their goals.

Ms. Carbone's's Homeroom Conference Sign -up

Mrs. Vickery's Homeroom Conference Sign -up

Weekly Schedule/ Remote Learning Plan 1/25-1/29

Have a great Weekend!

Deb and Tracee

January 15, 2021

Dear Parents,

  Another great week! Kids are working hard in all subjects. 

They are excited about writing their Survival Narratives in language arts. Please ask them to tell you about their stories, or have them share their first drafts if they brought them home to complete this weekend. We will continue to revise these the next few weeks, and they will get better and better.

Enjoy the 3 day weekend!

Tracee and Deb


1/19-1/22/ 2021 Fourth Grade Weekly Schedule/Remote Learning Plan

January 8, 2021

Dear Parents,


  Second semester of 4th grade has started off great! Students have made New Year’s Resolutions and have plans to make 2021 amazing!

Also a big thank you for helping your child come prepared with all their supplies and books to return.  

With the quick start back, Infinite Campus has not been set up yet for us to post grade until next week. Our goal is to have it all updated by the end each week so you know if your child has any work to finish on the weekends. 

Have a great weekend!

Tracee and Deb

*P.S. We are having a special Disney Day on Monday in 4th Grade. Students are allowed to dress in Disney attire and bring Disney stuffies.

1/10-1/16/ 2021 Fourth Grade Weekly Schedule

January 5, 2021

Dear Parents,


We hope you all had a wonderful Winter Break and enjoyed the holidays! Thank you all for your thoughtful gifts and the generous  PTO gift cards as well. 

  Welcome to the second semester of 4th grade!

 Please remember to have your children return with all their supplies and their books for class. We will begin reading Hatchet in Language Arts and the Mountains book will be collected. We will collect the Early Islamic and African Civilizations Social Studies book and begin a new Science unit  called Energy Transfer and Transformation.  Now is a good time to also restock supplies. Students will be needing a new red spiral soon for Language Arts.  We would also appreciate any donations of notebook paper or kleenex.. Thank you!

   Remote Learners will need to pick up their Energy Transfer and Transformation science book and our next Core Novel, King Arthur, which we will begin reading tomorrow in class. 

A good New Year’s Resolution is to be responsible for keeping up with classwork. All assignments are listed on our Weekly Schedule/ Remote Learning Plan and available in Google classroom. Work is due daily or as listed in Google Classroom. We will have grades posted in Infinite Campus by the end of the day on Fridays. Parents please check there for any missing work which needs to be turned in by Monday mornings. Thank you for all your support!

Happy 2021!

Tracee and Deb

1/6-1/8 Weekly Schedule/Remote Learning 

December 11, 2020

Dear Parents,

Thank you for all your cooperation getting kids here for MAP testing or coordinating at home to complete the tests remotely. Great job 4th graders finishing your tests!

The quarter ends Friday so there will be no late work accepted after Monday in order for us to get our grades completed. 

Please note that there were no social studies Google Quizzes for Chapters 3-5 due to testing. Students will need to complete quizzes for chapters 6-8 with an open book test on Thursday. 

Stay tuned for more information about our Virtual Holiday Party for Friday December 18 from 2:00- 3:00.

Thank you for all your support as co-teachers at home!

Tracee and Deb


Weekly Schedule/remote Learning Plan 12/14-12/18

December 4, 2020

Dear Parents,

Kudos to all our kids!  What great students! We have been so proud of their attendance, cooperation, respect, and hard work this first week working remotely. They generated the following remote learning rules: Always mute, keep video on, no chatting, find a good learning location, come prepared, and stay focused,  

Please continue to check in with us or call the office if you need help with email passwords, Student ID logins, or any other technical problem your child may face during the day. We check our emails between Zoom lessons and are available during our office hours. Due to testing our Social Studies/Office Hour will be 2:00 -3:00 everyday but Wednesday.

Remember that next week is MAP testing. The schedule is included below.  We will have a shortened homeroom before we test each day. Your child comes to school only on the day and time scheduled. Please send them with a snack, water, a book to read when they finish, and be here for pickup at their ending time.  Special teachers will be informed that students may miss a class due to testing.

Thank you for all your support as co-teachers at home!

Tracee and Deb

Weekly Schedule 12/6-12/12/2020

MAP Testing schedule:

Monday 12/7: ( 9:30-12:00) Logan, Annie, Carter, Vincent, Caryss, 

(10:00-11:00ish) Cole, Levi, John, Evelyn, Cecile, Breaden, Adalide

Tuesday 12/8:( 9:30- 12:00)  Eila, Sol, Tessa, Katrial, Megan, Macy, Roan, Austen, Adelan, Lydia

Wednesday 12/9:( 9:30- 12:00) Rae, Aven, Ty, Seth, Payton, Oliver, Joey, Rogan, Kellen, Asher

Thursday 12/10: ( 9:30- 12:00) Leni, Lou, Jacob, Caroline, Cameron, Bria, Sophia, Soren, Talia, Natalie,

Friday 12/11: ( 9:30- 12:00)  Laci, Ella, Graham

(10:00-11:00ish) Cole, Levi, John, Evelyn, Cecile, Breaden. Adelaide

November 13, 2020

Dear Families,

Another fabulous week. Please work with and practice with your student on Google Classroom. This way you both know where to look for assignments, tests and readings, etc. 

This week in Language Arts we will begin our Wit and Wisdom Module 2: Extreme Settings. We will practice with everyone on Monday using the Great Minds In Sync videos for remote learning. After Monday, remote students will need to look carefully at the Weekly Schedule/Learning Plan and see if they need to attend a zoom or just follow the In Sync Video. 

Enjoy the weekend!

Thank you,

Tracee and Deb

4th Grade Weekly schedule/Learning Plan 11/15-11/20

November 6, 2020

Dear Parents,

We would like to say thank you to all of you who have been cautious keeping your children home when they are not feeling well. In order to support everyone, we are going to start assigning work to all fourth graders on Google Classroom. This just means, work will be available in case students need to access work from home. Students in person will not need to complete the work on Google Classroom. This will just allow greater flexibility if the need arises that your child needs to stay home. Everyone will now have access to the material that follows our Weekly Schedule and students can continue to stay on top of their assignments.

Thank you,

Tracee and Deb

P.S Remember that next Friday, 11/13, it will be very important to pick up the next set of books and the workbook for Module 2 Extreme Settings for language arts.

4th Grade Weekly schedule/Learning Plan 11/9-11/13


Dear Parents,

Happy Halloween. We had a blast doing pumpkin math, poetry readings, bat activities, decorating our rooms for Sleepy Hollow and watching the movie while eating our treats. Thank you to everyone who sent in items to make it a spooktacular day!

Tracee and Deb

Weekly Schedule 11/2-11/6


Dear Parents,

Congratulations to our wonderful 4th graders. They have now completed one-fourth of fourth grade! Great work!

Homework reminders:

Please remember to check in with your child nightly in math and language arts. 

Students should bring their Go Math workbooks home each night. When their homework is completed, have them share one problem from the front and one from the back to explain to you. If they cannot explain the problem correctly, check another problem. This is a quick way to learn about what your child is learning and help if they are confused about the new concept. Also verbalizing their new learning shows a greater understanding. 

Our Wit and Wisdom language arts program has fluency homework most weeks. This requires students to reread passages several times each night and have an adult listen and sign off on their reading practice. This week they needed to find a poem to practice for next week. If your child has not found one yet, please help them find one they would enjoy. Students will share these next Friday in class. I encouraged them to also bring props as they share, memorize it and even act it out if they can. 

30 Book Challenge: As the quarter checkpoint, your child should have at least 7 books completed. In order to meet the goal of 30 books, reading 30 minutes each night is highly recommended.  If your child needs another copy of the challenge packet it can be found on our Google Classroom.

Tracee and Deb

 Weekly Schedule 10/26-10/30


Dear Parents,

Thank you for attending our Zoom Conferences. It was so great to discuss the great progress of our wonderful fourth graders and set goals for the year. 

Pollyanna Day is Friday October 23. Students are invited to dress as their favorite character. In class ( and remotely) we will play the Glad Game, write Glad Notes, and compare and contrast the Movie with the Novel. 

Halloween will be celebrated at RMAE on Friday October 30.  Students can wear costumes ( following our school policy) , personal treats may be brought  for an afternoon snack, activities will be integrated with our regular learning day, and we’ll end with a final room decorating activity to transform our classrooms into Sleepy Hollow. Please look for more details from our amazing Classroom Coordinators. 

Please note the Remote Learning Plan is now listed as our Weekly Schedule. This document is available to ALL parents. This is our fourth grade schedule for the week which anyone can access if there is an absence or just to check in on what is happening in the class. Students know how to get onto Google Classroom and can participate on Zoom so they can keep caught up even on a brief absence. 

Also please note that all work for the first quarter needs to be turned in by Tuesday October 20 so we can get grades in for the quarter.

Enjoy the Fall Break!

Tracee and Deb

Weekly Schedule 10/20-10/23



Hello 4th grade families,

Monday, October 12, we start conferences.  Please use the following Zoom links to get to Mrs. Vickery and Ms. Carbone conferences:

Mrs. Vickery’s Zoom:

4th grade Core Subjects Zoom Link 

Ms. Carbone’s Zoom:

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 736 3674 1971

Passcode: 36XEwF


These are Student Led/Goal Setting Conferences. Students will begin the conference sharing their goals from their conference reports. They worked really hard reflecting on their learning so far this year. Please have these ready with your child for the conference. 

*Please find the Map Assessment report and conference report for Mrs. Vickery’s class stapled together in Friday folders.
*Please find the MAP report in Ms. Carbone’s class in Friday folders, with conference reports coming home on Monday.

Specials conferences:

The Specials Department will be available for conferencing over Zoom between October 12th and October 15th. Please email the Specials teacher you would like to speak with to arrange a 10 minute block to speak about your student(s).


Spanish- Patsy Lasater- plasater@rmae.org

K-5 Music-Susanna Jacobson- sjacobson@rmae.org

6-8 Music-Gretchen Moritz- gmoritz@rmae.org

5-8 Art- Brinda Pumphrey- blanepumphrey@rmae.org

K-8 PE- Lisa Best- lbest@rmae.org

K-8 Tech- Ian Dunbar-  idunbar@rmae.org


Remote Learning Plan link:

Remoter Learning Plan 10/12-10/15


Hello fourth grade families,

Another wonderful week! We are working on getting grades entered in Infinite campus and preparing for Fall Conferences. Conferences  are 10/12-10/15/2020, and we have included a signup sheet below. Please choose a time and enter it on the spreadsheet.  A  yellow Pre Conference form has been placed in your student’s Friday Folder to fill out, and return it on Monday. A quick reminder, this newsletter contains our Remote Learning Plan calendar of the following week's teachings.This calendar is for remote learners, but is a great tool for everyone. If your child misses school for any reason, he/she can log onto Zoom and access Google Classroom to stay on top of their work.

Thank you,
Tracee Vickery and Deb Carbone

Remote Learning Plan 10/5-10/9

RLP 10/5

Vickery Conferences 10/12-10/15/2020

Mrs. Vickery's Fall Conference Link

Carbone Conferences 10/12-10-15/2020

Ms. carbone's Fall Conference Link


Howdy families,

Another fabulous week with your kiddos! We were so impressed with the fourth graders while taking their World Mountain Performance Assessment. They worked so diligently to write very detailed paragraphs in the same style as they are learning in the Wit and Wisdom Language Arts curriculum. Way to go! We are now onto science and learning Structures and Functions of Living things. Ask your child about the celery experiment. Just a quick reminder for remote learners to please return their Social Studies books from Maps and Mountains. 

Enjoy the beautiful weekend!

Tracee and Deb


Link to Remote Learning Plan:

RLP 9/28 

*This can also be accessed on google Classroom.


Weekly Class Newsletter for 9/18/20


Hello 4th grade Families,

So great to see you at our first ever Zoom Back to School Night on Wednesday. Below are the links for the Zoom video if you were not able to attend:

 Remoter Learners: https://us02web.zoom.us/rec/share/0mpzHZlfhCxPyyiH5MVCZw_I5KtKEoU0pgkzx6XjnpaZIfBHv-Bz3dmqdoH-4wdk.WAGCvJflmEiT2rGA 

 In Person Learners:


Here is the link to the Core Knowledge book that we referenced at one of  the Back to School meetings. This is an excellent resource for all parents at RMAE especially for remote learners. 


Enjoy the Weekend

Mrs. Carbone & Mrs. Vickery

Link to Remote Learning Plan:


*This can also be accessed on google Classroom.

Weekly Class Newsletter for 9/11/20


Hello 4th grade Families,

Our 4th grade scheduled switch has been implemented with ease. Your students are so flexible.We will discuss and answer any questions on the schedule switch at our Zoom back to school night on Wednesday September 16. 

 Remoter Learners 5-5:30  

 In Person Learners 6-6:30.

 Please join us with the following Zoom 4th Grade Zoom Link.4th grade Zoom 


Mrs. Carbone & Mrs. Vickery

Link to Remote Learning Plan:

Remote Learning Plan

*This can also be accessed on google Classroom.

Weekly Class Newsletter for 9/4/20


Dear 4th grade families,

The first two weeks has been great with your children on campus.  They are full of wonder and eager to learn.  We’ve also been very impressed with their kindness.  Thank you for raising such wonderful kids.

The past two weeks have gone smoothly.  Yet we continually reflect to improve.  In order to best meet the needs of our students, we are making a slight change to the fourth grade schedule.  Starting on Tuesday, Mrs. Vickery will teach both classes language arts and Mrs. Carbone will have math.  This is the same model as fifth grade.  We’ve attached the new schedule times to this newsletter.

The students will remain in their core classroom and the teachers will switch.  This allows the students to stay comfortable in their own environment and be at their own desk.  

We are excited to implement this model to better meet the needs of our students.  


Mrs. Carbone & Mrs. Vickery

Dr. Hudson & Mrs. Grose

Link to Remote Learning Plan:


*This can also be accessed on google Classroom.

Weekly Class Newsletter for 8/28/20


 Hi Parents,

 It’s been an exciting week! We are learning our schedules, we’ve learned to keep our masks on, we washed our hands at least 4 to 5 times a day,  things have just been groovy! Your kids are adapting well, to the new adventure we call school! Hope you have a wonderful weekend.


Tracee Vickery

 Deb Carbone

Link to Remote Learning Plan 8/31

This can also be accessed on google Classroom.

Weekly Class Newsletter for 8/24/20

Dear Parents,


We are so excited to have met our students at orientation and can’t wait to start teaching them on Monday!  We are attaching a 4th Grade Guide for you to reference filled with all the important information you will need to support your child this year. Each Friday we will send you an email with our newsletter letter and the weekly Remote Learning Plan for our remote learners.

Welcome to 4th Grade!

Mrs. Vickery and Ms. Carbone 

P.S. Remote learners need to make sure to accept their invitations to Google classroom which was emailed to their gmail accounts. 

To access their email:

User name:  First initial last name 25@rmae.org

Password: Student ID number


Sally Swivl:  sswivel25@rmae.org

4th grade Remote Learning Plan

*This link includes links to Google Classroom. Once students accept their invitation, they will have access by logging into their gmail accounts.

* The RLP ( Remote Learning Plan also has our 4th grade class Zoom link in it.

4th Grade 2020- 2021 Guide.

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