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September 18, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please read the important information below as well as learn about the topics covered this week in second grade:

Google Classroom: Please login to our Second Grade Google Classroom.  The reason behind logging into Google Classroom is if we have to go remote suddenly or if your child is staying home but is well enough to participate via Zoom.  We will occasionally ask you to submit assignments through Google Classroom to make sure everyone knows how.  See the directions below for how to do this:

-Go to Google on a web browser

-Click "sign in" on the upper right (if you are already signed into a google account click on the circle on the upper right to choose a different account)

-Click use another account

-Enter your child's email address (first initial, last name, 27 (year your child will graduate from RMAE) @rmae.org, ex: jscheid27@rmae.org)

-Click next

-Enter password

-Your child’s pw is their student ID number 

-You can find your student’s student number in Infinite campus (https://campus.jeffco.k12.co.us/campus/portal/parents/Jeffco_IC.jsp)

-Log in

-Click today in the left hand menu

-You will see the student number listed under your child's name

-The password has to be 8 digits so if your child's student ID is less than 8 digits add zeros to the beginning to get it to 8 digits

-Click next

-Read account setup and click accept

-This will probably take you back to the google homepage, click the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner.

-Scroll down and click "classroom"

-Ensure that your child's email address is listed in the box and click continue

-Click on “student” as your role.

-This will take you to the google classroom.

-Click on join for “Spectacular Second Grade”

-It will show you how to add posts, you can just click “got it”

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Literacy Homework: Children are expected to read a minimum of 15 minutes per night.  Next week we will be sending a reading log home.  Any Fluency Passages for the week will also be sent home on Mondays to practice throughout the week.  Red Reading/Literacy Homework Folders should be returned every Friday. 

Math: This week we completed Chapter 1: Number Concepts, took the assessment, and moved on to Chapter 2: Numbers to 1,000.  Please make sure to check your child’s math homework each night and work with them on anything they are struggling with.  You are your child’s best teacher!  Please send the lesson and homework back to school the next day in the purple folder.  Math homework is sent home on Fridays as well but most children finish during the school day.  

Literacy:  We are still working on Module 1: Seasons of Change.  The students have been discussing and writing about the changes in fall for plants, animals, and people.  We have been focusing on how to determine the main topic of a text and starting to draft informational paragraphs.  

Fundations:  Skills: vowel teams (ea, ee, ay, and ai), glued sounds, bonus letters 

Science: Cycles in Natures (daytime and nighttime, reason for the seasons, and life cycle of a plant)

Testing: Both classes have completed Beginning of the Year Dibels and NWEA MAP testing.  We are now working on DRA tests for each student.  Results will be shared during Parent/Teacher conferences.


-Please send a water bottle labeled with your child’s name every day.  We are not using water fountains this year but we do have water bottle filling stations.

-Remember to label the tag of all of your child’s belongings with their name on the tag.  

-Face Mask Tip: Small rubber bands used for hair can be used to tighten masks so they stay over the nose.  

-Thank you to everyone who was able to join live for Back to School and those who watched the video later!  

We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Mrs. Scheid and Ms. Urdahl


September 11, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

Please see the list of topics that were covered from this past week:

Math: Chapter 1: Number Concepts- We will take the chapter 1 test next Wednesday.  

Literacy: Module 1: A Season of Change

Fundations: Vowel teams ai/ay, glued sounds, trick words

Social Studies: Geography, maps, globes, maps, continents, oceans, hemispheres, compass rose


-Back to School Night is on Wednesday, September 16th for in-person learners at 6:00-6:30 PM via zoom.  Here is the link.

-Students will be taking their NWEA MAP Test next week on Monday and Tuesday morning for reading and math.  

We hope you have an excellent weekend!

Mrs. Scheid and Ms. Urdahl


September 4, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It was a great first week of school with the kids!  It felt great to be back in the classroom teaching and being around the children.  We are thankful to have all of them in class this year.  We spend the week going over expectations and procedures.  We also did our beginning of the year math assessments and reviewed by playing some math games.  The students completed their beginning of the year writing sample and we began our brand new literacy program, Wit & Wisdom, and will start doing the beginning of the year reading assessments soon.  Please reach out with any questions you may have and remember to email your child’s teacher when they are going home with someone else at the end of the day. 

Thank you! 


Mrs. Scheid and Ms. Urdahl


August 28, 2020

Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are so excited to get to know you and your children! Please see the information below for details about the upcoming school year.

Items to bring:

On the first day of school students will be expected to bring all of their school supplies which will be their personal supply for this year. They will also need to bring a refillable water bottle with their name written on the bottle every Monday, bottles will be sent home each Friday to be cleaned.  Water fountains will not be accessible for students to use if they do not bring a water bottle.  However, a water bottle filling station will be provided. Students will need to bring a backpack to school everyday to keep their food and personal belongings in. We will not be using cubbies this year.

When the weather starts to get colder, please remember to send a dress code appropriate sweater or sweatshirt with your child. Students are not allowed to wear outdoor jackets inside the classroom.

Optional: Please send an over sized shirt for students to use as a mess shirt in Art class.

Lunch and snacks:

Students will need to bring their own cold lunch every day. We will not have the ability to microwave any food at any time throughout the day, so please make sure to pack meals accordingly.  During lunch we will be eating outside with our cohort until it gets cold, at which time we will be eating in our classroom.

We will be eating two snacks a day, in the morning and in the afternoon. Students are expected to bring their own healthy snack and are not allowed to share food.

Mask requirements:

Students are required to wear a mask everyday to school. We ask that you send an additional mask in a bag labeled with your child’s name just in case they need a replacement for any reason. 

Students are required to wear a mask in all common areas and when social distancing is not possible. They will be able to pull their mask down, over their chin, during outdoor activities and when working independently at their desks.  We will go over these expectations more thoroughly with students on the first day of school.

Attached are a copy of our classroom Weekly Schedule as well as the second grade Curriculum Map so that you can know what to expect your child to learn throughout the year.

Please have a conversation with your child prior to Monday to remind them that school will look a little different this year.  We will work together to make sure that everyone is safe, loved, and learns lots of new things in second grade!  


Mrs. Scheid and Ms. Urdahl

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