8th Grade Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 


New Years Letters to Ourselves:

What do you want to tell yourself from the beginning of the year, and what do you want to tell yourself going into next year?

  1. TO THE YOU of the past who has just survived this year 

  2. To the you in the future that is going to be living in the next year

Think about what from 2019 do you want to bring into 2020 and what do you want to leave behind?

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6olqsC9NVA8

Due at the end of class! 

HW: Finish if not done in class

1/7-1/8 Shakespeare 

EQ: What makes something humorous? 

Background on shakespeare with follow along notes -- DVD. Turn in for credit.\

Read Act I scene one as a class with parts assigned 1/9-1/10 Globe Theater Recreation -- Work as a group Watch Act I of the play with attention to costumes and set design Storyboards for act I (8B only) -- start and turn in HW: Storyboards for Act I due Monday 1/13 Shakespeare Podcast Work-- on Google Classroom! Due by the end of the day Monday HW: Finish podcast assignment if not done in class 1/14-1/15 Mother May I game - Olivia and Viola Start reading and acting out Act II with attention to relationships and changing dynamics No homework :) But you need to have your podcast assignment done by tonight to get credit for it. 1/16-1/17 Finish reading Act II and watch the play Storyboard for Act II due Monday HW: Storyboard for Act II