Health Tip #13

Posted on 12/01/2017

WEEKLY HEALTH TIP - By Mrs. Best/P.E. Teacher - Health Tip #13 - At the beginning of every P.E. class I lead the students in a 10 minute warm-up and stretch. Flexibility training involves exercising at a low intensity to improve the range of motion of a joint. Static, active and dynamic… stretching are all forms of flexibility training. By engaging in flexibility exercises you can improve posture, prevent muscular imbalances leading to injuries and reduce soreness after a workout.  Stretching causes your muscle to increase in elasticity and slightly warms the tissue. These changes may lower your chances of straining or pulling a muscle and will increase your overall flexibility. Over time, regular stretching can decrease your chances of developing a chronic injury due to poor form and posture.
Flexibility Tips:

  1. Start Small - The general rule is to begin with a shorter range of motion and a shorter set of exercises, building up progressively to help your body ramp up response, rather than jolting it into action.
  2. Use Controlled, Steady Movements - The key to good stretching is smooth, steady incremental movements. Don't let impatience or other emotional aspects lead you into jerky, chaotic and uncontrolled stretching. Focus on the way that you move from a loose position to a tighter one, taking care to support your body by making slow and controlled changes.
  3. Recognize Range of Motion Limitations - In most cases, your body is going to tell you if you're taking a stretch beyond its natural limits. Pay attention to minor pains or other responses to a stretching movement, and adjust as necessary.
  4. Keep Your Activities Reasonable - A good stretching routine as a warm up and cool down can help with activities like running, weight training or other power workout exercises. 
  5. Cut Dangerous Stretches - Some stretching activities are inherently less safe than others. 
  6. Promote Holistic Stretching - A good controlled psychology is often a valuable aid to a stretching routine. This includes controlled breathing and focus on a serene mindset while involved in the stretching activity. Many trainers contend that holistic stretching can help improve the overall results of a warm up to a workout session.
  7. Customize Stretching for Your Specific Goals 
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