6th Grade - Art
Welcome to middle school art!

Students are required to have their sketchbook in class every day. They can leave it on their class shelf or take it with them as long as they bring it every time they have art.

For the Core Knowledge art curriculum students will look at: the art of Classical Greece and Rome, the Gothic period, the Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Romantic and Realism. My Core Knowledge PowerPoint is in a booklet in the art room with all the Core Knowledge presentations. If a student misses a class they are expected see me to find out what they missed. Students should be able to explain the characteristics of the period being covered, identify works of art/architecture, and the artist if known.

What We Are Doing Now:

6th grade students have set an art goal to work on for the year. They wrote it in their sketchbooks. 

They have been making a drawing on their sketchbook cover that represents who they are. Every artwork is a self-portrait regardless of the subject. When a viewer looks at an artwork they can tell something about the artist that made it because of the choices they made. It shows if they care or don't care, what they like, etc. 

Core Knowledge Curriculum:
We are currently studying the art and architecture of Classical Greece and Rome.