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Week of September 30- October 4

I hope your child shared about all the fun we had last week during Pollyanna Day and Field Day. Students enjoyed the positive activities so much that we extended our activities throughout the week playing the Glad Games they made and writing Glad Notes to friends and family. This is such a sweet and positive class! Their positive behaviors carried through with lots of encouragement and great sportsmanship during our Wacky Games on Friday.  

Please remember to sign up for our Fall Student Led/Goal Setting Conferences this Wednesday and Thursday. Sign up on the RMAE Website under “Parent Resources” for your child’s conference if you haven’t.  

Today Ms. Gordon and I went over expectations for Wednesday’s field trip to the Air Force Academy’s Audience with an Astronaut. Please remember:

Be at RMAE by 5:45. Bus leaves promptly at 6 am.

Dress Code: Red Field Trip Polo and khaki bottoms. (Shirt tucked and belts on)

Sack lunch, water bottle, and lots of snacks 

Travel toys ( books, notebooks, electronics are welcome. Students are responsible for what they bring.) 

This is going to be such a fun week!


Dates to Remember:

10/9 Audience with an Astronaut Field Trip 

10/9 and 10/10 Parent Teacher Conferences

10/10 Spelling Bee 8:30

10/11 Fall Break/Comp.Day for teachers

10/31 Fall Party

Week of September 30- October 4

I would like to start off with a huge ‘Thank You!” to PTO and all of you who donated items from our Giving Tree Wish Lists. Your gifts are so appreciated! Also, thank you to all of you who  signed up to help out in the classroom, library, grading papers, stuffing Friday Folders, etc. Your support makes such a difference in your child’s education here at RMAE.

I am looking forward to meeting with you and your child at our Fall Student Led/Goal Setting Conferences on October 9 or 10. In preparation for this conference, I sent home a Pre- Conference form in the last Friday Folder for you to fill out and return as soon as possible.  Students will be reflecting on their learning and behavior in class. I will share test data and go over some work from your child’s portfolio. Then, we will all agree upon goals for fourth grade. Throughout the year, students will  be collecting evidence of meeting these goals and share this at their “Celebration of Learning” Student Led Conference in the Spring. Finally, at the end of the year, students will reflect on their year and complete their final portfolios as a special collection of their hard work in fourth grade.  Please sign up on the RMAE Website under “Parent Resources” for your child’s conference. 

Hoping to see many of you at Field Day this Friday!


Dates to Remember:

9/30 Pollyanna Day

10/4 Field Day- 4th grade wears green!

10/9 Audience with an Astronaut Field Trip ( Be here 5:45-Bus leaves at 6 am!)

10/9 and 10/10 Parent Teacher Conferences ( Sign up under Parent Resources on the RMAE Website)

10/10 Spelling Bee 8:30

10/11 Fall Break/Comp.Day for teachers

10/31 Fall Party

Week of September 23-27

Thank you all for getting your child’s field trip permission slips in so everyone can attend our special 4th grade field trip to the Air Force Academy’s Audience with an Astronaut

FYI: I am trying something new this year. Although I want homework to be the students’ responsibility, I am adding the specific weekly homework to my website. I thought this would be helpful since I have several third graders joining us for math, and they don’t have planners like we do in fourth grade. So, if you have any questions about homework, you can also check the “Homework” section of my website.

In honor of our First Core Novel, we will have our Pollyanna Day on Monday, September 30. Students can dress as a character, bring in popcorn or pretzels for the movie, and participate in playing the Glad Game. We will compare and contrast the novel with the movie as a final discussion. Then, the following day, students will take the final test where they will be allowed to use the novel and their journals to help them. 

Have a great week,


Dates to Remember:

****9/27 Book Projects are due

9/30 Pollyanna Day 

10/4 Field Day

10/9 Audience with an Astronaut Field Trip ( Be here 5:45-Bus leaves 6 am!)

10/9 and 10/10 Students Led-Parent Teacher Conferences ( sign up will be sent out soon)

10/10 Spelling Bee 8:30

10/11 fall Break/comp. Day for teachers

10/31 Fall Party

Week of September 16-20

Dear Parents,

 It was great seeing many of you at the Blue Grass picnic here on Saturday. What a fun event! 

I wanted to congratulate Rowan, Riley, Macie, Lera, D.J., and Peyson for signing up for the Spelling Bee. Good luck studying for this exciting event which will be on Monday October 7 at 8:so am.

I am really pleased at what a great job everyone did on  the Chapter 1 math test. I sent this test home to be corrected and returned. Remember, I am always happy to raise grades ½ point for each problem corrected. 

We also finished the first unit in social studies. Students had fun showing what they learned on their balloon globes and building a scale model of a fourteener.  We are now starting a short unit on World Mountains. They will learn how they are formed, mountain animals, mountains as barriers, and the benefits of mountains. They will end this unit with a performance task and write a paragraph on how mountains help and challenge people. 

In writing we are analyzing paragraphs to learn the parts of a paragraph. This will help everyone write more detailed paragraphs of their own. Their first paragraph was describing a stuffy. Everyone should bring a picture of a pet and a special person by this Thursday September 19.   


Don’t Forget! Your online permission slips are due  Friday, September 20 in order to attend our Audience with an Astronaut Field Trip. This allows you to enter the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on Wednesday, October 9. This is strictly regulated and only those whose permission slips are turned in on time can attend. This is a special honor and we would like to see all of our faulouse 4th Graders join us!  

Dates to Remember:

9/19 Bringa  photo of a pet and special person for Writer’s workshop 9/19 Gum Day- class celebration for Kindness loops touching the floor!

9/20 No School/Teacher Inservice and Online Permission slips are due 9/27 Book Projects are due 10/7 Spelling Bee 10/9 Audience with an Astronaut Field Trip 10/9 and 10/10 Parent Teacher Conferences ( sign up will be  sent out soon)

Week of September 9, 2019

Dear Parents,

It was great to see so many of you at Back to School Night Last week. For those of you who couldn’t make it, I’d like to reiterate some of the important information shared.  I sent home the Curriculum Map which we discussed in Friday Folders. This is a general guideline of our fourth grade units. Also included in the Friday Folder were the directions for our Monthly Book Projects. Students look forward to these creative projects, fun presentations and the opportunity to learn about other good books their friends are recommending. Your child should be reading 30 minutes each night in order to complete their books and projects each month.   

Also discussed at Back to School Night was the opportunity for students to correct work sent home in their Friday Folders. We try not to give homework over the weekend and this allows students to “Ketch-Up” on missing work, complete unfinished work,  or correct low grades on tests/quizzes. We want to honor students’ effort correcting their work. We will raise their grade a half point for each problem corrected. 

Two other homework opportunities we encourage are practicing typing and math facts. We suggest at least 15 minutes a week on and 15 minutes practicing math facts. This may be done with flashcards, playing games like Addition/Multiplication War, or going on websites like Students enjoy our weekly Fun Fact math challenge trying to beat their own records and the class records as well. 

A  big responsibility in fourth grade is to learn the skill of using a planner.  Each day we take time as a class for everyone to fill in their planners and go over homework. Be sure to help reinforce this skill by checking your child’s planner each night and signing it too.

I am really pleased how well students have done starting learning our homework routine. It is encouraged that students do a page a night in both spelling and grammar. However,  the weekly spelling is due on Fridays and grammar is due on Thursdays. Math homework is assigned nightly Monday through Thursday unless there is a test.  Please check over your child’s homework to make sure he/she is practicing correctly.  Our first test on Chapter 1 will be Friday, September 13. Please go over the Chapter Review with your child, as the test is exactly like this, but with different numbers. So if they understand the practice, they should do well on the test!

Finally, please ask your child to share something about the first Core Novel, Pollyanna, or what they are learning about Maps in Social Studies. After we finish reading Pollyanna, we will have a Pollyanna Day, watch the movie and compare it to the book, play the Glad Game, and even dress up as a character. Before the final test on our Map Unit, we will have some fun showing our understanding of maps by labeling a balloon globe and demonstrating elevation using rock models.  Students will be able to use their classwork packets to help them on the test which will be the beginning of next week. 

You will be amazed at how much your child will learn this year in fourth grade. Please don't hesitate to email or stop by with any questions or concerns.

Week of August 19, 2019
Dear Parents,

It was so great meeting you and my new fourth grade students at the  Meet and Greet Ice Cream Socials. Their enthusiasm created an amazing first day of school today!  We started the day with class introductions. Then, Ms. Gordon’s class joined us to learn our school song,  discuss the August Core Virtue respect, and share a “Friendship Salad” for snack which was a metaphor for all the kind and hardworking students who are in our classrooms. Next, they went back to their own classrooms to complete their math pre test. They also captured  memories of the first day in their Writer's Notebook. For lunch, these fabulous fourth graders were so impressive as they helped their kindergarten buddies at our All School Picnic. 

Thank you for purchasing all the needed supplies for your child. The afternoon concluded as we organized and labeled supplies. Their homework binders should come back and forth each day.Yes, I did assign you homework! Please complete the yellow Parent Survey by this Friday.  Also, please sign student planners each night and check over their homework. To get into the routine from the start, students  have spelling and grammar assigned for homework due this Friday. Plan on one spelling page and one grammar page a night. They will also have nightly math homework starting next week. Summer homework must be turned in by Wednesday for students to get a Free Dress Pass.

Please plan on coming to Back to School Night on Wednesday, September 4. Ms. Gordon and I will give you more specific details about our fourth grade Core Knowledge Curriculum and Go Math. If you have any other questions, please send me an email at Please also get in the habit of checking our class website weekly for newsletters and updates.

Thank you! I am looking forward to a wonderful 2019-2020 school year!

Tracee Vickery

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