6th Grade , Language Arts and Social Studies Syllabus

Rocky Mountain Academy of Evergreen

Nicole Kruse

[email protected] Phone: 303.670.1070

Class Webpage: Go to RMAE homepage, click Classrooms, click on Teacher Web Pages. Click on 6th grade.  

Welcome to 6th grade! Please read the following language arts and social studies syllabus.

Communication: We can be reached via email. The best way to reach me is by email ([email protected]).  I will get back to you within 24 hours during the week. I update my Google Classroom daily. Please refer to it regularly as it will have useful links, assignments, projects, and information about my classes. You will also receive weekly newsletter correspondence that is sent out each Friday afternoon. Please read it as it has important, up to date information regarding upcoming events. If you need to meet with either of us, please email us to set up an appointment.

Course Skills: A curriculum map will be available on the class website. The following overarching topics guide the coursework for literacy and math in sixth grade and can be found in the Core Knowledge Sequence.  

Language Arts- Wit and Wisdom and Core Knowledge Curriculum

Novels and Nonfiction texts Paragraph Writing Cause and Effect Essay Argumentative Essay Narrative Essay Research Based Essay Socratic Seminar Presentations Spelling Vocabulary Writing Conventions Parts of Speech

Social Studies: Core Knowledge Curriculum

The Industrial Revolution: Changes and Challenges
Industrialization and Urbanization in America
Reform in Industrial America
World Deserts
Ancient Greece and Rome
The French Revolution
The Enlightenment
Independence for Latin America 



Grades are entered on a regular basis. Please note that projects and papers will take longer to grade, but I will provide feedback in a timely manner. Please check Infinite Campus often for updated grades.

Homework: Any homework we assign will be purposeful and applicable to our lessons. Please turn in assignments on the due date. The middle school policy for any missing assignments will be followed.

  • 6th grade gets a 5 day grace period. These are school days, not blocks or class periods or calendar days.  For example, if an assignment is due Monday, it will be accepted until the following Mon for 6th.

  • A one-time 20% penalty on that late assignment will be deducted.  For example, a student earns an 8 out of 10 points on the late assignment.  That student will earn 8 points as their score with a note in the comments of Infinite Campus that 20% was deducted for being late. 

 If you are absent please check Google Classroom for missed assignments and get notes from a classmate and/or talk with me to get caught up on the content that was missed. You will have two days after returning from an absence to turn in missed assignments. Please see us if you have an extended absence or any extenuating circumstances. Remember, we can be reached via email.

Classroom Guidelines

  • Be prepared: Arrive on time and have your supplies with you.
  • Supplies to bring to class every day: Pen or pencil, subject specific composition notebook, novel, folder used to organize handouts
  • Take risks: test your ideas, share your answers (even if you are not 100% confident), and attempt to solve problems. Mistakes are honored and welcomed in our class. I will make many, and expect you to do the same. Together we will learn from those mistakes.  
  • Be respectful of yourself, your peers, your classroom, your school, and your teachers. This is a team effort,and will help us create a trusting class where we can mess up, learn, and have fun.  
  • No food or drink, except water bottles during class. A morning snack time will be given.
  • Follow rules as stated in the school Family Handbook, including dress code.

As a student, your job is to come to school prepared everyday, but also to seek help with problems and areas of content that you do not understand. Together, we will overcome any challenges and exceed both of our expectations. If there are ever any questions or concerns, please come see us or feel free to email us.

Curriculum Maps

1st Quarter

8/15 - 10/13



Wit and Wisdom Module 1: Resilience in the Great Depression; Bud, Not Buddy; Paragraph Writing; Mini Essay; Cause and Effect essay

Core Knowledge Unit:  The Heritage of Ancient Greece and Rome 

2nd Quarter

10/16 - 12/15

Language Arts

Wit and Wisdom Module 2: A Hero’s Journey; Ramayana: Divine Loophole OR  The Odyssey; Explanatory Essay; Five Minute Group Presentation; Socratic Seminars; Original Monomyth and presentation

3rd Quarter

1/4 - 3/8

Language Arts

Wit and Wisdom Module 3: Narrating the Unknown; Blood on the River; Explanatory Paragraphs; Argumentative Paragraphs; Socratic Seminars, Argumentative Essay

4th quarter

3/11 - 5/23

Language Arts

Core Knowledge:  How to Think and Create Like an Inventor by Temple Grandin 

Wit and Wisdom Module 4: I Am Malala; Socratic Seminars; Research based explanatory essay

Social Studies 

1st Quarter

8/15 - 10/13


9/11 - 11/10

Social Studies

World Deserts

Ancient Greece and Rome (cont. Into 2nd Q)

2nd Quarter

10/16 - 12/15

9/7 - 11/0

11/3- 12/1

12/4 - 1/26

Social Studies

(cont.) Ancient Greece and Rome 


French Revolution and Romanticism (cont. 3rd quarter)

3rd Quarter

1/4 - 3/8

12/4 - 1/26

1/29 - 3/8

Social Studies

(cont.) French Revolution and Romanticism 

Industrial Revolution Changes and Challenges 

4th Quarter 3/11 - 5/23


4/8- 4/19

4/22 - 5/23

Social Studies

Independence for Latin America 

The Making of America: Immigration

The Making of America:  Industrialization and Urbanization


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