Weekly Plans

8th Grade

 If you missed a day, you MUST come and talk to me/email me once you return to school to get your missing work. 

Monday 8/19
- First day of school
- Syllabus review and get to know you activities 
- Set up English binder
DUE: Summer reading homework
Assigned: Syllabus signature, t-shirt, and student surveysDue next class period!

Tuesday/Wednesday 8/20-21
- Plot and short story introduction lecture
Essential Notes and guided notes
DUE: First day activities

Thursday/Friday 8/22-23
Mrs. O'Connor is out! :( 
- Book speed dating (TURN IN!)  
- Pass out vocab activities/list --  two due Monday
Heidegger's Vocab Words
HW: 2 vocab activities due Monday/Tuesday
Monday 8/26
- MAPS testing -- Reading
DUE: 2 vocab activities

Tuesday 8/27
MAPS-- Language Usage

Wednesday-Friday: 100 Elk

Monday: No School

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/3-4
- Read Dr. Heidegger's Experiment
- Sign into GC and make sure it works
- Start comprehension questions on GC due by Friday
HW: Comprehension Questions

Thursday/Friday 9/5-6
Vocab test
Independent reading time
Point of View PPT lesson

Monday 9/9
Mini lesson on semicolons
Ppt on Conflicts in literature
HW: Brainstorm three conflicts for your own short story. Due Thursday/Friday

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/10-11
Class discussion: Which is more humane: Life in prison or the death penalty?
Read and lit circle "The Bet". - Turn in lit circle sheets (see me if you missed this and I'll give you a redo/alternative assignment)
HW: Have the three conflicts for your short story thought out by next class period

Thursday/Friday 9/12-13
Appositives Lesson
Appositive WS/Check for understanding - TURN IN! (Only hard copies-- see me for a copy if you need one)
Read "God Sees the Truth but Waits" 
Plot scavenger hunt - due Monday if not finished in class
HW: Plot scavenger hunt due Monday

Monday/Tuesday 9/16-17 (blocking all week due to short week)
Turn in Plot Scavenger Hunt
Read "The Cold Equations" aloud (audio)
Get ready to do in class writing next block. Prompt: What does Godwin's story say about what it means to be human? Use specific examples from the text to demonstrate your answer.
This needs to be written in claim/support/commentary format, and there's only one paragraph required. 
HW: Prep for in class writing

Wednesday/Thursday 9/18-19
In-class writing on The Cold Equation -- on GC, due at the end of class
Watch the short movie of The Cold Equation
HW: Read your book of the month -- due 9/30

Monday 9/23
8A: Get time to work on your in class writing from Thursday.
Start working on planning the short story -- GC assignment due at end of class
HW: Finish GC assignment if not done (but it will be late!)

Tuesday/Wednesday 9/24-25
Spicy language lesson - tone
Work time for rough draft of short story
Rough draft due end of class Thursday/Friday
HW: Work on RD of short story

Thursday/Friday 9/26-27
Backwards outline of short story
Peer editing circles -- sheets due on GC
Work time for RD - due at end of class
HW: Start working on the final draft of short story. Due end of class Monday.

Monday 10/1
Get The Outsiders books
Read Chapter 1 together
Get vocab lists -- 1 activity due next class period

Tuesday/Wednesday 10/2-3
Characterization lesson
Introduce and begin trading cards
Organizer for the trading cards
HW: Read chapters 2 and 3

Thursday/Friday 10/4-5
Newsela -- Sign in and do diagnostic reading assignments
Link to get to this is on Google Classroom. Log in with your RMAE Google Account by selecting "Sign in with Google" when prompted.
We Make the Rules collaborative activity
HW: Read chapters 4-6 for Monday

Split block all week for week of 10/7

Monday 10/7
Vocab test
"Nothing Gold Can Stay" poetry analysis
HW: Get caught up on reading this week

Tuesday 10/8
Warm up: Writing from Johnny's perspective
Grammar Party: Different types of sentences
HW: Combining sentences chapters 4-6

Wednesday 10/9: 
Act it out! for chapter 6
HW: Finish act it out
Read Chapter 7

Thursday 10/10 -- HALF DAY!
Work on trading cards -- due Monday
HW: Finish trading cards and read chapter 8