7th Grade Weekly Plans

Monday 1/6

New Years Letters to Ourselves:

What do you want to tell yourself from the beginning of the year, and what do you want to tell yourself going into next year? Write two letters: One to your past self that just survived 2019 and one to your future self who will be living in 2020.

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6olqsC9NVA8

Due at the end of class! 


Tuesday/Thursday 1/7-8

Personal Narrative Unit Starts

Essential Question: Why is it important to tell our stories? 

What are the qualities of a personal narrative?

Students will be able to identify the identifying qualities of a personal narrative by reading and analyzing mentor texts. 

 *** This shouldn't just be a good story. It should SHOW something about WHO YOU ARE

The Power of Personal Narratives: Watch Video


  • What three pieces of advice does he give his audience about writing a personal narrative?

Start with reading the "Perfectionism" chapter from Bird By Bird Brainstorming: Write down your life story starting at the top of one page. See GC for the powerpoint that has specific instructions for this activity. HW: Finish anything not done in class (brainstorm listing of life moments) Thursday/Friday 1/9-10 Google Classroom #019:

Read "Conquering my fear" and "facing my Fear"

With compare/contrast chart and conclusion questions


Google Classroom Assignment #018: Slow Motion Writing. Instructions and examples are on Google Classroom. Due 1/10 EOD

HW: Bring in a photo that is important to you or shows something about your life. Or just a picture you like for Monday's class. Finish anything not done in class. Monday 1/13 Photo memoir: write a six word memoir based on your photo. See slides 8-11 on this PDF for instructions. HW: I want you to have at least 5 different six word sentences for your picture. They don't all need to be good, they just need to exist and show that you put in effort. Tuesday/Wednesday 1/14-15 Review from Monday: continue work on six word memoirs and slow motion writing Read "School Lunches" chapter in Bird by Bird (pages 38-41) Write about school lunches/food. Mrs. O'Connor's example. (It is messy, but it is a first draft, so that's okay!) Read "Ode to My Kitchen" -- notice the style, discuss the choices Woodson made, what is she writing about and how is she doing it. Write mimicking this form/style that she uses in this passage. HW: Finish any writing you did in class and want to continue. At this point in time, you should have in your notes: 1. List of life moments 2. One or two moments from list #1 detailing the specific moment 3. Slow motion writing 4. Name reflection and writing 5. Six word memoir 6. Food writing/memory 7. Ode to My Kitchen mimic writing