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May  2019

Dear Parents,

Wow! Where did this year go?  Our fourth graders are just about to be fifth graders!

Before I get to all the exciting end of the year events, I want to give a big shout out to our amazing volunteers who organized our Community Service Day.  Thank you Mr. and Mrs O’Connell from Ms. Gordons room, Jeanette and Matthew Frye and her parents; Kevin Devaney, and Jennifer Strong. Make sure to visit our school this summer as all the seeds and plants should be in bloom and see what wildlife we may attract to our beautiful school site. If anyone has some time to held hang the bird houses, bat boxes and butterfly houses, that would be appreciated.

Additionally, great job to all third, fourth, and fifth grade for a spectacular music performance. Ms. Jacobson does such a fantastic job teaching music and the students have learned so much which was evident with their performance.

Science Innovation Day is just around the corner. Please help your child finalize his/her project by Monday May 13. This is such a fun day for the students not only to share their projects, but see all the amazing science in all the other elementary classes too.

Although the year is wrapping up, I will be teaching important Core Knowledge Curriculum for the remainder of the year. Please check in with your child to make sure he/she is keeping up with homework and classwork. We are reading our last Novel, Treasure Island, finishing our units on the Revolutionary War and Meteorology. We will start learning about the Circulatory and Respiratory Systems in which we will culminate with a dissection on our last Field Trip to the Denver Museum of Nature and Science.

It has been such a pleasure watching my Fabulous Fourth Graders learn so much this year. Please take time to go celebrate your child’s accomplishments when Portfolios come home the last week of school. I wish you and your family a fun and adventurous summer and hope to see you around Evergreen.

Tracee Vickery

Dates to Remember:

May 3 Library Books Due

May 3 School Carnival ( Please sign up to help at our booth)

May 13 Science Innovation Day

May 14 Field Trip to DMNS

May 21 4th/5th Grade picnic

May 23 Last Day of School - 10:30 Assembly 12:00 Dismissal

April 2019

Dear Parents,

Welcome back from Spring Break. I hope it was beautiful!

Thank you for all your encouragement during our CMAS Testing window. Students have worked so hard completing these assessments. We finished Reading before break, Math this first week back, and have Social Studies April 8 and 9.

I can’t wait to read all the great stories students are writing and publishing for their Young Writers’ Book Projects. Thank you for all your support at home to get these written and typed up. Their published books are due Wednesday, April 10 for our Authors’ Share in class. I hope to see many of our students at the Young Writers’ Conference at April 11.

Our next project will be their Science Innovation Day Project. Packets were sent home prior to Spring Break with all the information on this Science-Fair type of project. This is a homework assignment. Please support your child on this project. There are many steps and it also includes researching their topic. Therefore, their will be no additional book project for the months of April or May. Science Innovation Day is Monday May 13.

Dates to Remember:

April 2-4  Math CMAS

April 8, 9 Social Studies CMAS

April 11 Young Writers’ Conference

April 18 Movie Night

April 25 3rd, 4th and 5th grade Music performance

April 26 Community Service Day

March 2019

Dear Parents,

March will be another busy month here in fourth grade. The third quarter ends this week, and Spring Break will quickly be approaching.

Last Friday we had our Kick-off Assembly for the Mountain Area Young Writers’ Conference with a local Author, Thesa Howell.  She explained how her book, Maybe Something Beautiful was written and published. Then she came to fourth grade and taught a  lesson on descriptive writing. Students played a writing game called “Guess What.”  They had 30, 60, and 90 seconds to write about an object in the classroom and then tried to guess what other students were describing. She told them to “ let their imagination go free” as authors. She encouraged them to have their “ideas spill all over your papers.” Theresa challenged them to write stories with more that just dialogue, and  fill them with description using lots of similes and emotion. As an example, she described our classroom saying our “room is decorated like a birthday party for learning.” You want to make your readers “see what you see in your brain.” WIth this great introduction to creative writing, our students are excited to begin writing their own books. Rather than a March Reading Book Project, students will be working on writing their own books. We will get started in class and students will work on publishing their books at home. Their books will be due the week after Spring Break by April 5 and the conference is on April 11.

We have finished studying the MIddle Ages. Please come see the stairwell where all their shields are beautifully displayed along with their typed essays describing their Coat of Arms. Our new Core Novel will continue with this time period as they as reading King Arthur. After this long social studies unit and our focus on economics for Young Ameritowne, we will move onto a science unit next:  Electricity. We will also return to working on our Green School Investigation with kindergarten on improving our School Site. In math we are focusing on fractions: simplifying, comparing and ordering,  mixed numbers, and adding/subtracting with common denominators.

Science Fair information will once again be sent home prior to Spring Break so students can get a jump start on their projects if they’d like. We rescheduled these projects and they will be due in May in place of a May Book project. SInce the month of April will be filled with testing, I don’t want to overwhelm anyone. Also, students will be expected to read and research several non- fiction books to support their background knowledge for their experiment.

Important dates:

March 8 Quarter 3 ends

March 22 No School/Comp Day for Teachers

March 25-29 Spring Break

April 11 Young Writers Conference-  link to sign up will be emailed soon

April 1-19 CMAS Testing.

Language Arts: March 18, 19, 20  ( 12:40-2:30)

Math: April 2, 3, 4 ( 10:00-11:25)

Social Studies: April 5 ( 9:50-10:40 and 12:30-2:10)

April 8 ( 9:50-11:30)

May 13: Science Innovation Day  

February 2019

Dear Parents,

I am looking forward to seeing you all at your child’s Student Led Conference on February 12 or 13. Please visit our class Google Doc to sign up for an appointment to celebrate all the great learning your child has done so far in 4th grade.I know I will also get to see all you amazing parent volunteers at Young Ameritowne on Tuesday February 5. You will be impressed at how hard your children will work that day as a citizen of Young Ameritowne! Thank you also to all of you who will be working hard to put on our fantastic Valentine’s party on Valentine’s Day 1:30-2:45. This will be a fun-fill February for sure!

*Please have your child bring a Valentine for everyone in the class:

  1. Layla 2.) Fiona 3.) Ethan 4.) Addy 5.) Brandon 6.) Lyla 7.) Logan 8.) Lilyan 9.) Declan 10.) Strong 11.) Jakob 12.) Emmy 13.) Avery 14.) Sadie 15.) Tristan
  2. 16.) Seth 17.) Jordan 18.) London 19.) Devin 20.) Brendan

* If you haven’t visited Enroll Jeffco, please make sure you enroll for next year by February 8.

*We are fortunate to once again be invited to attend the Colorado Environmental Film Festival on Friday February 22. Please make sure to sign the online permission slip ( no parent chaperones needed). Look on our website under Field Trips and find our class. This is a great connection to our RMAE goal to become a Project Learning Tree Green School. Fourth grade will be doing so much more this spring to complete our Investigation to improve our school site and attract more wildlife, such as birds and butterflies, at RMAE.

*Curriculum update: Please make sure your child is practicing multiplication and division math facts 10 minutes each night. This is so important as students continue to master long division, double digit multiplication and work on our current fraction unit. Book projects continue to impress and inspire great reading. February’s project will be due Friday March 1. We will wrap up our Core Knowledge Novel, Robin Hood and watch the video on Valentine’s Day. However, we will continue reading about Europe and the Middle Ages in Social Studies and read King Arthur for our next novel study.

Thanks again for all your support,


Happy 2019!

I hope everyone had a wonderful Winter Break and a super start to the new year!

There are many things I wanted to make sure to highlight as we start the second half of fourth grade:

New Year’s Resolutions: After learning the history behind creating resolutions for the new year, students wrote very thoughtful resolution paragraphs which will be displayed in class. They looked at the goals they set from fall conferences to choose which ones they really wanted to focus on in 2019. They are ready to work hard and learn lots!

Social Studies and Literature: Our current unit, Europe and the Middle Ages integrates well with our Core Knowledge Novels.   We are reading Robin Hood and will read King Arthur next. Our project with this unit is to create a Medieval crest/shield. Students will start designing their own crest based on their interests and personality traits. We will supply the poster paper, but ask that everyone sends in a poster sized foam board to glue their final crest on for a sturdy shield. Foam board can be purchased at Walgreens or Walmart. Students will start working on their crests the next couple weeks and finish towards the end of the month. Please send in the foam board as soon as you can.

Young Ameritowne ( YAT): There will be a YAT Parent Letter coming home in Friday Folders to give you more background on this exciting 4/5th grade field trip. We invite you all to attend on Tuesday, February 5. We need many parent volunteers to help support the students in each of the businesses. We will also need parent volunteers to help with interviews on Tuesday, January 22. Students will fill out a job application, write cover letters, and then interview for the jobs they apply for. Currently they are working in campaign groups for the general elections for Mayor and Judge on Tuesday January 15. Good luck to all our great candidates!

January Book Projects: Many students already began their books for this project over winter break and are looking forward to sharing their projects on Friday, February 1. Please check in with your child to see that he/she has chosen a book and reads 30 minutes each night in order to finish by the end of the month. The pink Book Project information sheets should be in your child’s homework binder to refer to when writing the report or choosing a project.

Science Innovation Day: Rescheduled for May. Due to many other projects going on in the next couple months in all the grades, the elementary teachers chose to reschedule Science Innovation Day. We appreciate all those students who may have started planning for this over break, and apologise for the change. This just allows you more time to research and investigate your topic and put together and even better project!

Thank you for all your wonderful children. This is going to be an amazing second semester!

Tracee P.S. A note from the office: RMAE Intent to Return & EnrollJeffco -  Every year, we ask our current families to complete an internal, intent to return to RMAE form.  Our intent to return form is being replaced with Jeffco's EnrollJeffco.  All current RMAE families will need to indicate whether they are returning to RMAE, or choosing a different school within the District, through EnrollJeffco during the First Round Choice Enrollment Period (JAN 22 - FEB 8, 2018).  We will be sending out a link for them to complete this online form as soon as the window opens.  

December 2018

Dear Parents,

T’is the Season…  please help encourage students to focus on their learning these next two and a half weeks before the end of the quarter and Winter Break begins.  With so many fun things to look forward to such as singing at the Holiday Walk, classroom parties, and all the fun family traditions the holiday season brings, it is hard not to be distracted even for us adults. However, I  want my students’ grades to continue to reflect all the great learning they have been doing this year. Please check Infinite Campus to celebrate your child’s hard work and also check to see if there are any missing assignments or work needing to be corrected. I will accept late work and redos up to Wednesday,  December 12 in order to get grades entered before the end of the quarter on December 19. Thank you for all your support at home!

Dates to Remember:

December 7 Holiday Walk RMAE Caroling at 6:30

December 13 Movie Night

December 19 Holiday Party

December 20- January 7, 2019

Sending my warmest wishes for the most wonderful, merriest of holidays to you and your family. Enjoy the Winter Break and I will look forward to seeing you all in 2019!

  • P.S. WInter Break is a great opportunity to restock school supplies. Please check in with your child to see what he/she may need. I know many students need more glue sticks, markers, and scissors. Any donations to the classroom supply of pencils and notebook paper would also be appreciated. Thank you!

November  2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you to Rose Williams and everyone who helped make our Halloween party a spooktastic event!  Our day started with our pumpkin math experiment. Students found the height, weight, circumference, and number of ridges of their pumpkins. They worked cooperatively collecting their data and analysing our class results to determine if the larger  pumpkins had more seeds. After that they enjoyed watching Disney's’ version on Washington Irving’s Sleepy Hollow.  Fourth grade discussed how similar this was to the novel they had just completed. Finally, the party was filled with making a glowing ghost ornament, Minute-to- Win- It games,  a variety of treats, and the school costume parade. I am hoping to get some photos from this party and the many fun fall events uploaded onto our website soon.

For our short few weeks in November, we will be focused on finishing our Chemistry unit in science, becoming more efficient multiplying two digit numbers in math, reading our new novel, Robin Hood, and publishing several pieces of expository writing.  

Please continue to check over your child’s math homework. The Chapter 3 test will be next week Tuesday November 13. The Chapter Review has the same problems as the test, but changes the numbers. So it is very beneficial to work together with your child on that activity to prepare for the final test.

Students will complete a study guide to study for their Chemistry test next Wednesday November 14. There will also be an extra credit crystallization experiment sent home sent home this week. I am hopeful to see some successes on this at home, as this experiment did not do well in the classroom last time we tried. The goal is to have results sent in by the Friday November 16 before the Thanksgiving break. If more time is needed, experimenting can continue over the break and shared when students return.

I am thankful to get to spend my days teaching your wonderful children. They are always so excited about learning. Today one student said, “ I can’t decide whether I liked learning about Ancient China better or Chemistry.”  Another parent reported that their child said social studies was never this much fun at her last school. RMAE is a special place. This is because of the whole community of great parents, super students and all the amazing teachers I get to work with each and every day here at RMAE!  I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving and a terrific Thanksgiving Break too!

Dates To Remember:

November 9 Scholastic Book Orders Due

November 15 & 16 3rd-5th grade musical RATZ 6:30 at Center Stage ( Break a leg Avery, Declan, Lyla, Addy, Layla, Jordan, Sadie, Fiona, Logan and all the other great participants in this sure to be hit musical production!)

November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

November 26 Return to School

November 27-29 Book Fair

November 29 Open House 6- 7:30

November 30: November Book Projects due

Weeks of October 22 and 28, 2018

Dear Parents,

Happy second quarter of fourth grade! Report cards should be posted Wednesday. Your children worked so hard and have learned so much this first quarter. Field Day was the perfect way celebrate on Friday. It was great seeing many of you helping out and enjoying the day as well. I loved watching the cooperation, good sportsmanship and everyone having such a fun time!

This week we are back to a regular five day week and schedule: math homework, spelling homework and our October Book Projects are due Friday. Ask your child about the Core Knowledge Novel we are currently reading. They are enjoying and waiting in anticipation for the Headless Horseman to appear. What a perfect story around Halloween. We will watch a Disney’s cartoon version of this book on Halloween after our pumpkin math and before lunch. Rose Williams has a bunch of fun activities and a cool spooky crafts planned for out party that afternoon after specials (1:20-2:20) . Please see the classroom google doc to help out with the party or send in some treats or supplies.

Dates To Remember:

October 26 Book Projects Due ( Free Dress Day- no costumes)

October 31 Halloween Parade and Party

November 2 Teacher in-service day- no school for students

November 9 Scholastic Book Orders Due

November 19-23 Thanksgiving Break

Week of October 15, 2018

Dear Parents,

Wow, what an incredible week we had last week!

First, thanks for all the amazing food and help with crafts for our Ancient China Day. Also, here’s a huge shout out to all parents for getting your kiddos up and out so early the next day for our Space Week field trip to the Air Force Academy. I was so proud of their great behaviors and participation in all the fun science events. Many of their letters to the astronaut, Digger Carey, will be featured on the RMAE homepage next week. Then on Wednesday, we were all glad that field day was rescheduled and enjoyed Pollyanna Day. We even had several students dress up as their favorite characters! Further congratulations to our participants in the spelling bee last Thursday. Way to go Fiona, Addy, Tristan, Ethan, Layla, and Jakob!  Finally our busy, short week wrapped up with conferences. Your children did such a super job self reflecting and sharing during their student led portion of the conference. What a wonderful way to celebrate so much learning this first quarter of fourth grade!

Dates To Remember:

October 15 Wear boots or p.e. shoes- outside activity

October 19 Field Day (wear green)  

October 19 Scholastic Book Orders Due (Extended due to such a busy week last week)

October 26 Book Projects Due

October 31 Halloween Parade and Party

November 2 Teacher in-service day- no school for students

Weeks of October 1 and 8, 2018

Dear Parents,

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our GIving Apple gifts through PTO. Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

I was so impressed with our first book projects that were shared last Friday. Students enjoyed hearing about all the great books that were read. They discussed what made presentations and projects stand out and are excited about starting their next books for October. Their books need to be chosen and approved by Friday and the Project are due Friday the 26th.

Thanks also for all the beautiful fabric that was sent in for students’ Emperor projects. They are working so cooperatively to complete these to be displayed on Ancient China Day on Monday October 8. Thank you to Tiffany March who volunteered to chair this fun culminating event. Please keep watch on how you can help out with food, crafts and other ways to join in on the fun.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at conferences and at any of the upcoming events you are able to attend.

Dates To Remember:

October 8 Ancient China Day (Chinese attire is welcome)

October 9 Space Week Field Trip ( 6am, wear red polos and khaki bottoms, pack a sack lunch)

October 10 Field Day (wear green)  Evening Conferences ( See RMAE homepage for sign-ups)

October 11 Spelling Bee and Pollyanna Day: 12:00 dismissal for conferences

October 12 Fall Break! No School/Comp Day for Conferences

October 26 Book Projects Due

October 31 Halloween Parade and Party

Week of September 24

Dear Parents,

Happy fall!

Gradebook is all set up now on Infinite Campus. Please check Infinite Campus from time to time to see how your child is doing. If you are not able to access your child’s grades, please call Dyann in the office.

As a fourth grader, responsibility to complete work and turn it in is on the student. They are expected to record homework in their planners each day. I also keep a list on the whiteboard in class of “Ketch-up “‘ work students need to complete.   If your child is completing his/her work and you are helping him/her correct work from Friday folders, then grades should not be a problem. It is really only missing assignments that bring grades down. If you have any concerns however, please contact me.

Conferences are coming up and a sign up schedule will come out soon. This year at RMAE we will be doing Student Led Conferences. Students are asked to come to the conference and help present. They are the experts on what they have been learning and this is a great opportunity to develop their communication skills. We will also set goals for the year based on their NWEA Map scores and their classwork.

Have a wonderful week!

Dates To Remember:

Friday September 28: Book Projects Due (See Pink Page in student binders for project details)

October 1-5: Emperor Projects ( We need material donated- Chinese patterns appreciated)

October 8 Ancient China Day

October 9 Space Week Field Trip

October 10 Field Day and Evening Conferences

October 11 Pollyanna Day, 12:00 dismissal for conferences

October 12 Fall Break! No School/Comp Day for Conferences

Week of September 17

Dear Parents,

This is a short week. Friday is an Inservice Day, which means no school for students. There will be no spelling test, but the spelling packet is due on Thursday. There is no math homework Monday night since students were correcting their math tests during class today. They will have math homework the rest of the week. This will also allow one more day for children needing to finish any Chapter 1 math homework time to catch up before we begin Chapter 2 on Tuesday. Missing Math homework was listed in their planner last week. Tests will be sent home in Friday Folders with the option to correct any missed problems for half credit.  They will have math homework the rest of the week.

Ask your children about the tree they “adopted” on Friday. As part of our Fun Friday Nature and Science time, students “Adopted a Tree” to observe throughout the year. This will also be their special tree to visit with their kindergarten Green Team Buddy as we discuss ways to make our school site more “Green.”

Enjoy this last week of summer and the summer weather as we officially move into fall!

Dates To Remember:

Friday September 21: No School: Teacher Inservice

Friday September 28: Book Projects Due (See Pink Page in student binders for project details)

October 1-5: Emperor Projects ( We need material donated- Chinese patterns appreciated)

October 8 Ancient China Day

October 9 Space Week Field Trip

October 10 Field Day

October 11 Pollyanna Day

*Stay tuned for more information on our exciting projects and special days coming up in October.

Week of September 10-14

Dear Parents,

Thank you for getting the Space Week Field Trip releases in right away. Since this is hosted by the Air Force Academy, things are very strict. Sorry, they do not allow chaperones and only teachers/school staff may come. We all have to have a security clearance. This was the release for the Air Force, which they will collect tomorrow when they come to talk to our students. The trip is on October 9 and the bus Field Trip Permission Slip will be sent home soon with more specifics. This trip is only offered to classes with a NASA Teacher Liaison and we are fortunate that Ms. Gordon and Mr. Dunbar are both at our school allowing us this special invitation.

P.S. It was great seeing everyone at Back to School Night. Anyone who was unable to come, please don’t hesitate to see me if you have any questions. The information is all on our website. I will post a weekly update here each week.

Have a fantastic week!

Week of September 6-10, 2018

Dear Parents,

What a great start to a Fantastic Fourth Grade year!

You children are in the groove with our regular classroom routines now in every subject. The have nightly math homework, spelling homework, and should be reading 30 minutes each night as well. Please check your child’s binder to see our workbooks for math and spelling along with a planner which they are responsible for filling our each day. Students should be independent in completing their homework; however, I ask that you please check over the math homework to make sure that your child is practicing it correctly. I check off homework 10 points for completed assignments and 5 point if partly done. Student will check their own work in the morning.

I hope to see you all at Back to School Night on Tuesday from 6-7:30.

Have a wonderful week!


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