4th - Gordon

Hi Wonderful Parents,


A very busy week here in fourth grade! First off, as you all know,” Eric” the Guinea pig has passed away. Students were very upset yesterday.

We will work through this with compassion.


A few things coming up:

Monday: “Pollyanna Day” Your student may dress up as their favorite character from the novel “Pollyanna.” They may also bring snacks that are peanut free, popcorn, pretzels, if your student has braces- whatever is best for them. Also Izzy’s or seltzer are fine to bring. We will watch Pollyanna, with Hayley Mills in the afternoon. We will Play the glad game, and generally have a great afternoon.


Next week’s story in Reading Street is: “What Jo Did.” All grammar and spelling is around that story. If you have busy weeks, and your student prefers to do the homework over the weekend, that is fine.


In “Go Math” we are working on several types of multiplication strategies.

We are finishing Mountains of the world, next up Ancient China!

If you are curious as to what the characters of Pollyanna dress like…



Image result for doctor chilton from pollyannaImage result for doctor chilton from pollyanna