3rd - Narans

Dear Parents:  It was great hearing about all the activities over the long weekend!
Grades will be posted on Wed. Oct. 28th.  We are finishing our Module 1 "The Sea" and finished writing our last paragraph on the Giant Squid.  It was an amazing book.  I am sure you heard lots of facts from your student about this elusive sea animal.  Ancient Rome is going well, there will be another fun activity about the Roman Rulers next week.  We are understanding more about our Weather and Climate.  Next Friday, Oct. 30 will be a regular school morning, but in the afternoon we will have fun activities to celebrate "Halloween", can't wait to see everyone's costumes.  Don't forget to bring a bag of goodies for the afternoon snack on Friday.  The weather is changing so please make sure your student has warm clothing for recess and P.E.  Email me with any questions or concerns.  Have a great weekend and stay warm.  

Dear Parents,  we are closing  the 1st quarter of grades on Friday, Oct. 23.  
I will post grades by Wed. Oct. 28.  
Please send the Conference folder back to school, you may keep your child's work samples.  
Next Friday we will celebrate Halloween in the classroom.  Students may wear costumes to school, I have gone over the costume expectations in class, so they know what they can wear to school.  (no masks or heavy face makeup) they should have on regular shoes and no accessories that need to be carried.
I have planned games for the afternoon and would like to ask you to send in a ziplock baggie with personal treats of your choice for them to eat in the afternoon instead of the afternoon snack.  They are allowed to have treats such as chocolate, cupcakes, candy, etc.  They are not allowed to share any items from their bag.  If your child will not be at school, please let me know. Please email me with any questions or concerns.  

Updates for Sept. 28-Oct. 2
Dear Parents:  We are enjoying the Wit and Wisdom Unit on the Ocean.  We learned about the life of Jacques Cousteau.  The students wrote a wonderful summary of this book.  We are into Ancient Rome and the Weather/Climate.  Our Core Virtue this week on Diligence was a fun book called Ruby's Wish.  Please sign-up for your 15 min. zoom conference.  I will send home (the day of your conference) a folder to guide you through the conference.  The folder will include a In-progress report card, samples of their work, unit tests, and goals.
Have a great weekend!

Dear Parents,  we had a busy week finishing up our World Rivers Unit and our Investigating Forces Unit.  The students wrote wonderful paragraphs about our Wit and Wisdom story "Amos and Boris", we will be reading a new book next week about the life of Jacques Cousteau.  Have a sunny and warm weekend. 

Dear Parents:  What a busy week we have had.  The students were very productive and really working hard.  We are concluding "World Rivers" and moving into "Ancient Rome" next week.  Also finishing up "Forces" and will move into "Weather and Climate"  in the coming weeks.  
Next week is OCTOBER COUNT, meaning the district counts our attendance each day.  It is VERY important that your student attends whether it be in person or online so that we can get credit for all our students through Jefferson County Schools.  
We will finish GoMath Chapter 1 next week and begin Chapter 2 which is on "Graphing"  a very fun chapter.  
Next Friday, Sept. 25 if "Free Dress Day."
Have a great weekend!!

Dear Parents,   another wonderful short week with your children!!  Our NWEA testing went very well on Thursday and Friday.  Next week we will have the Swivl in our room with the remote learners.  We will have a full week of GoMath and Wit & Wisdom.  We will also conclude our Social Studies unit on World Rivers.  Here are a couple fun photos that our playground aide took of my students playing outside.  Have a great weekend!!

Dear Parents,  another "GREAT"  week with your children.  We had the remote learners in our room this week and with only a few glitches it went well.  We finished the Wit and Wisdom Module 0, and next Tuesday we will begin the Module 1 Lesson 1.  Please read the hand-out in your child's Friday folder.  We are so excited to be studying the "Sea."  Next week we will also be doing NWEA testing on Thursday and Friday.  Please make sure your child gets plenty of rest and a good breakfast to do their best!!  Have a great long weekend.  

Welcome to the 2020-2021 3rd grade school year:

Hello remote parents!

Mrs. Narans and Miss Prouty wanted to reach out and give you a little information for the first week of school. We know you have been bombarded with RMAE emails, but this information is specific to our 3rd grade classes.

There are assignments already posted on Google Classroom. There is a beginning of the year 3rd grade math skills inventory that needs to be completed and turned in by Wednesday, August 26th. Please DO Not help your student on this math. This is for math placement and we need to know each student prior knowledge and math skills. 

The other assignment is on our Wit and Wisdom tab. This is our new literacy program. Students are expected to complete the assignment and turn them in by Monday, August 31ST.  This is specific to our in class instructions which means students need to make sure they are following along with the Wit & Wisdom power points in class.

Every assignment will be turned in on our Google Classroom. Unless you are opting to pick up materials weekly, then you can drop them off finished work when you pick up the next week’s work.

Student expectations: Students are to log in to zoom and follow along to our Wit & Wisdom lessons, math, and science and social studies lessons. There will be expected work that needs to be completed with each lesson. Wit & Wisdom has many components and students are required to follow along with the power point presentation in class and record work in designated spiral notebooks.

Each Friday we will share a Google doc that has the following week’s lesson plans. Students will have from Monday to the following Monday to complete and turn in work.


****Even if you are opting to not come and pick up weekly materials: You still need to come to school Friday, August 28th and retrieve math books.


This year will prove to be an exciting learning experience.  We have confidence that it will be a great year!


Mrs. Narans and Miss Prouty

Hi Guys!!  I am setting up a ZOOM account to meet with all of you via internet.  I am also setting up a account to send you assignments or ask about the existing assignments that are in your GoBag.  I would like to take attendance this week for Tue. Wed. and Thu. by asking a question on google.classroom.  When you submit your answer that will be your attendance for that day.  We have been advised to meet with you once during the week on ZOOM, which you will get an invitation and we can see, talk to each other.  If you cannot get online at the time of the invitation, no problem I will record it, so you can see it at your convenience.  Todays email  is to your parents so they also have the information.  In the near future I will be emailing  email which the office is setting up for us today.  If you have any questions just email me and I will send you an answer asap.  Hang in there!!Remote learning follow the link below:

3rd Grade Remote Situation:  Narans





(send home worksheets for both chapters)

Chapt. 12

Chapt. 6

GoBag will have Ch. 12 lessons 4-9 + Ch. test and Ch. 6 lessons 1-9 + Ch. test


Practice Math Facts



(send home reading books)


Reading folder

(grammar, spelling, writing)

Spelling HW packet

Gobag will contain all assignments: March 16-19  Unit 5 #3

Good-Bye 382 Shin Dang Dong

March 30-April 3

Unit 5 #4 “Jalapeno Bagels”

April 13-17

Unit 5 #5 “Me and Uncle Romie” 

Have parents give a spelling test before moving on to the next lesson.



(send home packets)

Read story from book or

Go to Youtube to listen to story (just type in the name of the story we are on, then pick the correct youtube video for children)

Week 28, 29, and 30

Read or Listen to story twice and complete all menu work

Use your fluency packet in your GoBag to read for one minute and record.  


(send home CK books)

Core Knowledge website

(email from teacher will contain specifics)

Read information on the Weather Unit

And Life Cycles, Traits, and Variations


(send home CK books)

Core Knowledge website

(email from teacher will contains specifics)

Read information on Early Explorers and Thirteen Colonies



(send home chap. books)

Read a chapter book

(put one in GoBag from the classroom library if you do not have one at home.)

Read silently or out loud for 30 minutes each day.

*GoBags will be prepared and handed out today, March 13.  When school reconviens all materials will be brought back to school.

Dear Parents,  Here are some updates:  "Spirit Week"
Monday, 3/9 - Start Chapter 12 in GOMath  "Crazy Day"
Tuesday, 3/10 - "Twin Day"
Wednesday, 3/11 - "Character Day"
Thursday, 3/12 - "Teacher Look-A-Like"
Friday, 3/13 - "Future Self Day"  
Friday, 3/20 - NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice
Monday, 3/23-27 - SPRING BREAK
Tuesday, 4/14 - Field trip the Lookout Mountain Nature Center 10-12
Friday, 4/24 - Community Service Day  (all school)

What a FUN week we have had here at school.  Our Native American Day was a great success, thanks to Bre Boyle for arranging all the help and supplies.  Thanks to the many parents who came to watch the plays and help with the centers.  We could not do it without all your help.  Tuesday was a great field trip to Hiwan Homestead Museum and Mini Native Home reports all afternoon.  The students did a great job on their homes.  Wednesday we all showed our instruments to building #2 students and observed K-2 projects.  Then today we celebrated Valentine's Day with a super fun party that Mr. and Mrs. Leonard put together for the students.  Again we had parents helpers which we appreciate so much.  
Monday 2/17 - NO SCHOOL Presidents Day
Tuesday 2/18 - GoMath 8.9  Reading Street "Gertrude Ederle"
Wednesday 2/19 - GoMath Review
Thursday 2/20 - GoMath Ch. 8 Test
Friday 2/21 - Fun Math  Spelling Test  "Spirit Day" 
Monday 2/24-2/28  Regular week  Friday "Free Dress Day"
Hope you all have a wonderful 4-day weekend!!
We are in the middle of "Early Americans" getting our activities ready for Native American Day, and our plays ready.  We would love for any family to come to school on Monday, Feb. 10 to watch our plays.  They will begin at 12:30.  The rest of the afternoon the students will rotate through centers designed to complete activities they have been working on.  Mrs. Boyle is helping me with these centers, so if you can help please sign-up or email her:
Dates to remember:
Friday, Feb. 7 - Spirit Wear
Monday, Feb. 10 - Native American Day from 12:30-3:00 BRING MINI NATIVE HOME TODAY
Tuesday, Feb. 11 - Hiwan Homestead Museum from 9:30-12  (lunch in the room upon return)  Afternoon will be giving Mini Native Home report orally. 
Wednesday, Feb. 12 - Science Innovation Day, BRING INSTRUMENT
Thursday, Feb. 13 - Valentine party from 10-12, no snack or lunch, noon dismissal.
Friday, Feb. 14 - NO SCHOOL
Monday, Feb. 17 - PRESIDENTS DAY

Here are some dates to remember:
Friday, Jan. 31 - "Free Dress Day"
Monday, Feb. 10 - "Native American Day" 12:30-2:45, Mini Native Homes" due (no need for an afternoon snack, we will have fry bread, blueberries, and water)
Tuesday, Feb. 11 - Field trip to Hiwan Museum from 9:30-12:30, (we will eat lunch in the room when we get back) Mini Native Home reports, take home.
Wed. Feb. 12 - Science Innovation Day, bring your homemade instrument.  
Thur. Feb. 13 - "Valentine Party" from 10-12, bring 17 valentines to share unlabeled but signed.  HALF-DAY dismiss at noon.
Fri. Feb. 14 - NO SCHOOL

Dear Parents, we have several things coming up in the next month, please mark your calendars:
Today:  Friday, Jan. 10  you will find the instructions for the "Mini Native American Home" your child will build.  Also, the SID project of making an instrument that makes sound waves.  Please look for this in their RED homework folder.  
Mon. - Fri. Jan. 13-17  Regular week, but we will start weaving with yarn on Monday 1/13.  Please make sure your yarn is in a ball form.  "Spirit Day" Friday.
Mon.  Jan. 20  NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Day
Tue. 1/21 - Fri. 1/24  Regular week  "Spirit Day" on Friday
Mon. - Fri. Jan. 27-31  Regular week,  "Free Dress" on Friday
Mon. - Fri.  Feb. 3-7 Regular week,  "Spirit Day" on Friday
Monday, Feb. 10  "Native American Day", we will have centers set up for this fun afternoon 12:30-2:45 with lots of parents help, plays, native snacks, and Mini Native Homes are due for observing on each student's desk. (keep overnight)
Tuesday, Feb. 11  Field Trip to  Hiwan Homestead Museum from 9:30-12, we will eat in the room when we get back, they will still have a snack before we leave. after lunch we will give reports on Native homes.  Take home.  
Wednesday, Feb. 12  Science Innovation Day for K-3  Bring your instrument today.  (take home at the end of day)
Thursday, Feb. 13  "Valentine's Day" party, bring unlabeled valentines for 17 students.  They will make their bags/boxes in class.  Morning party, so no need for morning snack and NO lunch today.  Noon dismissal.  AFTERNOON CONFERENCES.
Friday, Feb. 14 - NO SCHOOL - Have a wonderful President's Day
Let me know if you have any questions or concerns,

Here are some updates for the next week of school.  No Reading Street next week, means no menus, no spelling, no grammar.  We will be reading the Christmas Carol I and II.  
Monday 12/16  GoMath lesson 10.9
Tuesday 12/17  GoMath Review
Wednesday 12/18  GoMath Ch. 10 Test,  Maker Space with Mr. Dunbar (making Viking flags) Conclude Unit of The Vikings, students can dress as a Viking if they choose to, if not wear regular dress code.  
Thursday 12/19  No Math today,  Holiday attire,  Holiday Party 12:45-2:15, Caroling at the benches at 2:30-3:00 (no afternoon snack needed)

Dear Parents,  We completed our Middle of the Year NWEA this week.  Next week will be a regular week of Reading Street and GOMath.  We had two wonderful shadows, my students were wonderful and welcoming to these two students.  You would be very proud of how kind our classroom is as a whole group.  I am so happy with this sweet class.  The only thing for next week is Wednesday, Dec. 11 Makerspace w/Mr. Dunbar (Viking Flags) and Friday, Dec. 13 "Free Dress Day."  
Week of Dec. 16-19  NO READING STREET, (no spelling hw, no menu, etc.)
12/16:  GoMath 10.9
12/17  GoMath Review ch. 10
12/18  GoMath Ch. 10 TEST  Makerspace w/Mr. Dunbar (Viking Flags)
12/19  Holiday Class Party 12:45-2:45  (Holiday Attire, and gift exchange)
12/20  NO SCHOOL - Teacher Inservice

ear Parents,  
We finished Ancient Rome today with a fun assessment working in groups to find answers similar to Jeopardy, we had the Plebeians as winners, the Patricians and Romans came in second , and the Gladiators followed close behind.  The students were amazing as they worked together to find the answers as a team!  We also finished GoMath Chapter 5 and will go over the answers and re-teach when we get back from Thanksgiving break.   I did not send the Red Homework folder home, or the spelling.  Just want everyone to enjoy their family time and no homework!!  (also from experience it sometimes gets lost over holidays ;)
Mon. 12/2 - Reading Street "Pushing Up the Sky",  begin GoMath Chapt. 10
Tue. 12/3 -  regular
Wed. 12/4 - regular
Thu. 12/5 - regular
Fri.  12/6 - "Spirit Wear"
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!!

What a great party today, thank you to:  Mrs. Fuse, Mrs. Sorill, Mrs. Beach, Mr. Warren, Mrs. Jensen, and Mrs. Blaney.  The party was a great success with wonderful games, crafts, and healthy snack.  
Next week will be back to Reading Street, your spelling homework is in your red homework folder.  Story:  Tops and Bottoms
Monday 11/4  Math 4.5
Tuesday 11/5  Math 4.6
Wednesday 11/6  Math 4.7
Thursday 11/7  Math 4.8  (Mrs. Narans will be out, Mrs. Gutierrez to sub)
Friday 11/8  Math Review/centers  (Mrs. Narans will be out, Mrs. Gutierrez to sub)  "Spirit Wear"  (please contact the office with emails Thu. and Fri.)

Parents, here are the updates for upcoming events next week.  First of all there will NOT be any READING STREET activities, no spelling, no grammar, no selection test etc.  We will be working on a Classic Tale - "Wind in the Willows" due to the short week.
Monday 10/28 - Math lesson 4.1
Tuesday 10/29 - Math lesson 4.2
Wednesday 10/30 - Math lesson 4.3
Thursday 10/31 - Math lesson 4.4, wear your costume to school, Festival Party in the afternoon and parade to follow about 2:15.  
Have a great weekend!!

Here are a few updates:  We had a regular week.  Which we will have again next week.  Grades were posted today on Infinite Campus.
Fri. Oct. 25 - "Free Dress Day"
Thur. Oct. 31 - "Fall Festival" class party 1:00-2:15 in the afternoon and then school parade about 2:15-2:30 ending at 2:45 to clean-up.  Students may wear their costumes to school, no heavy make-up or masks at school. 

Dear Parents,  First of all, it was great meeting with everyone for conferences, thank you for taking the time. I enjoyed talking with everyone.  Thank you to the parents who were able to come for the Cow Eye Dissection on Monday afternoon.  It was very helpful to have you all there helping the students.  We had a wonderful field trip on Tuesday to the Museum, the IMAX movie was really fun learning the life of a sea turtle named "Bungee" and the exhibits were also very interesting.  
The spelling bee this morning went well and the 6 students from our classroom did very well.  
We will be back to our regular schedule with GoMath and Reading Street next week. 
Monday Oct 14 :  Mrs. Narans will be out/subbing will be Mrs. Martin.  GoMath Chap. 3
Friday Oct. 18:  End of quarter, grades will be posted the following week for you to see on Infinite Campus.  
Thursday Oct. 31:  Fall Festival Class Party 1:00-2:30 Parade outside 2:30-2:45.  
Friday Nov. 1:  No School

Tue. Oct 1 - Sept. reading log due.
Fri. Oct. 4 - K-5 Field Day - 3rd grade wear purple t-shirts and gym bottoms, we will still have a spelling test in the morning before the events start at 8:45.
Mon. Oct. 7 -  We will have our Cow Eye dissection from 1:30-2:30, you are all welcome to join your student during this science lab.  Please view this video before then:  
Tues. Oct. 8 - FIELD TRIP to DMSN - depart @ 9:15 return by 2:15.  Please pack your child a throw-a-way lunch to take on the bus. Please make sure they wear their RED dress code shirt and dress code bottoms.
Wed. Oct. 9 -  Regular day
Thur. Oct. 10 - SPELLING BEE @ 8:30-?  Half-day, dismiss at noon.
Fri. Oct. 11 - NO SCHOOL

Here are some updates to keep in mind for next week:
Monday 9/16:  My math group had one side of homework if they did not finish in class, if you see it in their RED homework folder then they have not completed, due Monday.  Thank you
Tuesday 9/17:  We will have a lock-down drill, which means we will stay in the classroom, we will remain perfectly quiet, I have told my students what to do and why we need to practice.  They were all very interested and had a few questions.  If you need to discuss this with them further please feel free to do so, and let them know it is just a practice.  
Wednesday 9/18:  Regular day (my math group will have their first chapter test, no need to study)
Thursday 9/19: Regular day (my math group will over the chapter test and take home today)
Upcoming dates to remember:
9/27 - School wide assembly @ 2:15 on the field
10/7 - Cow Eye dissection (afternoon)  All parents invited to attend.
10/8 - 3rd grade field trip to Denver Museum of Science and Nature (throw-away lunch required to eat at the museum)
10/7-10 - PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES  (student lead)
10/4 - FIELD DAY K-5 ( changed from 10/9)
10/10 - SPELLING BE @ 8:30-?
10/11 - NO SCHOOL 

Hello Parents:
We had another busy week getting use the new procedures in 3rd grade.  Thank you to the parents who came to Back-To-School-Night and I appreciate you being in attendance.  For those who were not able to attend I sent home the packet and hope you will read all the information important to your 3rd grade student.  Pictures were taken on Thursday, so you can now order them.  
Fri. Sept. 20 - NO SCHOOL/Teacher In-Service
Tue. Oct. 8 - FIELD TRIP to DMSN (permission slips will be attached)
Please have your families CLICK HERE to complete the permission form for the Denver Museum of Nature & Science field trip  
Mon. Oct. 7-10 PARENT/TEACHER CONFERENCES  (sign-up attached)
Wed. Oct. 9 - FIELD DAY  for K-5  (volunteers needed)
Thur.  Oct. 10 - HALF-DAY of school,  SPELLING BEE 8:30-?
Fri.  Oct. 11 - NO SCHOOL
Have a wonderful weekend, see you all Monday!!- 

Updates for Sept. 2-6
Dear Parents:  Another wonderful week!!  You will find their finished work in the Friday Folder, please take everything out of this folder and send back to school on Tuesday.  They did a great job on their Reading Selection Test, and Spelling Test.  We will have a new story next week, you will find the overview in their red folder along with their spelling homework.  I send this home on Friday, so that if you have a busy week they can get a head start over the weekend.  They will need to hand this spelling homework in next Friday, Sept. 6.  
Have a wonderful Labor Day Weekend!
Dates to remember:
Monday, Sept. 2 - NO SCHOOL
Tuesday, Sept. 3 Back-to-School for 5-8
Wednesday, Sept. 4  Back-to-School for K-4
Thursday, Sept. 5 PICTURE DAY
Friday, Sept. 6  SPIRIT WEAR DAY

Friday, Aug. 23
Dear Parents!!  What a wonderful group of students I have this year.  I am so happy and excited to be your child's teacher for 2019-20.  They have all been wonderful listeners this week and are showing maturity at the 3rd grade level.  They all deserve a fun weekend!!  I have informed them to be ready for a full schedule next week, so get plenty of rest!!


Narans’ Class Schedule 2019-20

8:00-8:10  Announcements/Pledge/ attendance

8:10-9:00  MATH

9:00-9:50  Reading for Whole Group Fri. PE

9:55-10:45  Mon. ART, Tue. MUSIC, Wed. ART, Thu. MUSIC,  Fri. Reading

10:45-11:35  Mon. PE, Tue.-Fri. Reading Groups/Selection Test, Spelling Test

11:35-12:20  LUNCH/RECESS

12:20-12:30  Attendance

12:30-1:00   Mon. Reading Groups, Tue.-Fri. GRAMMAR

1:00-1:30   Writing, DEAR time, Keyboarding

1:30-2:15 Core Knowledge Social Studies

2:15-3:00  Mon. Tue. Thu.  Core Knowledge Science Wed. TECH, Fri. LIBRARY

Narans’ Class Infinite Campus Grading:

Reading: Selection Tests (20pts), Fresh Read comprehension (5pts),  Menu (5pts.)

Writing: 6-trait Writing (24pts.), Grammar Quiz (10pts), Spelling Test (20pts.)

Math:  Daily Homework (5pts), Chapter tests (fluctuates) 

Social Studies:  Unit packets, projects, assessments

Science:  Unit packets, projects, labs, assessments

Homeroom: Friday Folders (5pts.),Spelling HW (5pts), Monthly Reading log (20pts)

At Home Projects:  Science Innovation: recycled musical instrument, recycled Mini Native American Home,  Planet Report, and Explorer Power Point. Dates TBA

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