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How to Login to your child's ReadWorks Account

To Login Go to:

Click "Student Login"
Class Code: PW2USP

After your child chooses an article from their "Article-A-Day" set there is an option to listen to the article while they follow along. You might have your child listen to the article once, then read it out loud to you or a sibling. There are also buttons at the top that allow them to make the font bigger or smaller, number the paragraphs, use a white bar to help them track the words as they read, and a split screen option while they write about what they learned in their "Book of Knowledge."

Directions for Logging Into SeeSaw

Step 1: Students Join Your Class with Their Email Account

To join your class, students will:

-Open the Seesaw Class App or go to the Seesaw website at using Chrome/Firefox.
-Tap I'm a Student.
-Tap Email / Google Account.
-Tap New Student (or sign in to existing account).
-Tap to Create Email Account or Use Google Account.
-Enter the Student Code for your class.

Step 2: Teacher Combines Student Journals (Optional)

After students join your class, you can combine their existing journal with their new account. After combining student journals, the work and parents from the existing student will be associated with the new student.

-Tap on Class Settings.
-Tap on Manage Students.
-Select a student.
-Tap on Combine with other student journal button.
-Follow the prompts to combine two journals.

Class Code: LNHF HWCP

How to Upload an Assignment on Google Classroom

Open the assignment, select “add” then “file”. Pick the picture you want to upload. Select “upload”. Then make sure to hit “turn in”.

Directions for Logging Into Google Classroom

-Go to Google on a web browser
-Click "sign in" on the upper right (if you are already signed into a google account click on the circle on the upper right to choose a different account)
-Click use another account
-Enter your child's email address (first initial, last name, 26, ex:
-Click next
-Enter password
-Your child’s pw is their student ID number
-You can find your student’s student number in Infinite campus (
-Log in
-Click today in the left hand menu
-You will see the student number listed under your child's name
-The password has to be 8 digits so if your child's student ID is less than 8 digits add zeros to the beginning to get it to 8 digits
-Click next
-Read account setup and click accept
-This will probably take you back to the google homepage, click the 9 dots in the upper right hand corner.
-Scroll down and click "classroom"
-Ensure that your child's email address is listed in the box and click continue
-Click on student as your role.
-This will take you to the google classroom.
-Click on join for “Mrs. Scheid’s classroom”
-It will show you how to add posts, you can just click “got it”

Please let me know if you have any questions. 

Thanks :)
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