Health Tip #5

Health Tip #5
Posted on 09/29/2017
WEEKLY HEALTH TIP - By Mrs. Best/P.E. Teacher -
Health Tip #5 - This week’s health tip is on character development. Thanks to the cold rainy weather, I had the opportunity to teach the first lesson of the leadership curriculum to our 8th graders this week. Here is a summary of the lesson, which is an integral part of the foundation to the Physical Education curriculum.

The iceberg is a great representation of life. The 10% above the water is your skill. The 90% below the water is your character. It’s what’s below the surface that sinks the ship. It is important that we eat healthy, exercise daily, and drink water. However, the choices we make to be physically healthy only comprise of about 10% of our total health. The other 90% of our health lies within our mind and emotions. This invisible aspect of our life can sink our ship if we don’t take time to develop and nourish our inner life. Our character is the sum total of our:

• Self-Discipline (The ability to do what’s right even if you don’t feel like it)
• Core Values (Principles you live by that enable you to take a moral stand)
• Sense of Identity (A realistic self-image based on your gifts and personality)
• Emotional Security (The capacity to be emotionally stable and consistent)

As a parent of two middle-schoolers, I know how easy it is to focus on my children’s physical health, homework, and grades. At the same time, I know I need to spend equal time listening, acknowledging, and honoring their inner life; their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and feelings. These moments open the door of conversation for us to discuss as a family the importance of creating happiness from the inside-out.
October is just a few days away. The core virtues for October are self-control and self-discipline. Take some time this weekend to discuss what these core virtues mean to you with your children and ways to exhibit these inner virtues.
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