Health Tip #22

Posted on 02/23/2018

WEEKLY HEALTH TIP - By Mrs. Best/P.E. Teacher - Health Tip #22 - Are All Calories the Same?  During P.E. class this week students were surprised to learn that not all calories are the same. Popular belief says that if you eat less and exercise more, you will lose weight. This is not true anymore because of the increased amount of high sugar and processed foods on the market. For instance, both a 20 oz. cola and a serving size of almonds are 160 calories. However, our body uses the calories of each differently.  When we eat the 160 calories of almonds, our body uses those calories as fuel. When we drink the 160 calories of cola, our blood sugar levels spike too high due to excessive sugar and our body stores the calories as fat. Therefore, our health is not determined by the number of calories we eat. Instead, our health is determined by the quality of calories that we eat.

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