Health Tip #14

Posted on 12/08/2017

Get Mentally Fit- Mental Fitness can be defined as having the resources necessary to cope with the average daily stressors.  To be mentally fit, one functions well with the daily hassles of life and is able to contribute to community and family in a positive way.  A high level of mental fitness reduces stress, strengthens the immune system and increases the overall quality (and perhaps quantity) of life.

How does one strengthen mental fitness? Lifestyle factors can play a role including sleep, healthy nutrition, and daily physical activity.  Understanding and collecting a tool box of resources also plays a role in strengthening mental fitness.  Personal resources may include friends and family, walks in nature, meditation, and simple acts of deep breathing.  Community based resources could include a medical professional, clinical counsellor, or support group.

In P.E. class I have been speaking about the importance of using gratitude during times of feeling negative. It is important to honor and acknowledge within oneself  any negative thoughts or feelings that one may be experiencing. Then consciously remember to choose to be grateful for the bigger picture of our life. Being honest with ourselves about how we feel in the details of a moment is important especially when we follow it up with an attitude of gratitude to expand our perception of reality. Through an attitude of gratitude we are able to feel empowered and not controlled by negative people or events that come into our lives! Negative aspects are a part of reality but they are not the whole part of reality in the grand scheme of life. When our focus is narrow and focused on one aspect, which may feel negative, we can zoom our focus out like a camera lens and appreciate the vast landscape from a perspective of reverence, gratitude, and beauty. Being mentally fit is a choice that is equal to all walks of life. May you realize the power you possess for your own mental health by choosing to have an attitude of gratitude. 

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