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Ms. Moritz 

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    I started teaching music at RMAE the same year I moved to Evergreen from Denver; only 3 years after RMAE opened its doors.   I feel truly blessed to be able to teach a subject I adore, in a school I adore, to kids whom I adore. 
Before RMAE, I taught all core subjects to 6th graders in Jefferson County and performed flute professionally.  I also helped write English LA standards for Jeffco as well spend 2 years as a district mentor teacher focusing on non verbal classroom management skills.

My degrees are:
C.U Boulder - BA Music doubled with teacher certification  
C.U. Denver - MA Education
My performance instrument is the Flute

A few years ago, after directing musicals at RMAE, for 12 years, I decided to start a 501c3 dedicated to augmenting learning for kids through musical theater.  The organization is called Mountain Youth Musicals.  I added a link on my page for you to explore further this wonderful non profit organization.

Other than teaching music and directing musicals, you can find me exploring and adventuring the Colorado outdoors, or spending time with family and friends.  I'm married to an amazing man and am mother of 3 boys.  All 3 of my beautiful boys are proud RMAE graduates.  You will often find me on the local trails riding my mountain bike, up on the ski slopes, in the rivers fly fishing, or attempting to beat my sons in chess (as in above picture).  

Please come visit my classroom and say "hi".  I teach on Tuesdays and Fridays.