Nov 10 - Class News

Posted on 11/10/2018

Classroom News


KindergartenNative American Culture Celebration - We have been learning about our country’s natives for the past three weeks.  We have built dream catchers and native structures among some of our learning.  This celebration brought it all together and included a visit from authentic Native American artifacts for the children to explore.

 KG Native American Celebration       KG Native American Celebration


3rd Grade Viking flags - We talked about how Viking clans would design their flags to represent something that is important to them, so the kids thought of something that is important to them to then make their own Viking clan flags.

3rd - Viking Flags     3rd - Viking Flags


4th Grade - Pumpkin Math - Students investigated to see if the height, weight, circumference, and  number of ridges affected the amount of seeds in a pumpkin. They first estimated, then measured, weighed, and counted.  Next, they grouped seeds into piles of seven to work on their double digit multiplication skills.  Finally, they compared the class data to formulate their conclusions.  The results were really surprising and our mathematicians enjoyed this fun fourth grade tradition! 

4th Pumpkin Math          4th Pumpkin Math


6th Grade - NREL Field Trip - Students engaged in several hands on activities while learning about renewable and non renewable energy!

6th NREL Field Trip     6th NREL Field Trip

6th NREL Field Trip     6th NREL Field Trip



7th Grade - This week and last, 7th grade was diving into the Core Knowledge Unit of World War I.  Students conducted research about the trenches, created scale drawings of the trenches and the necessary supplies and materials, and then dug their scaled models into planter boxes. It was a great project that lead them through the design process!

7th WWI Trenches     7th WWI Trenches


8th Grade Science - What’s that smell in Building 3?

There have been reports of a strange odor (stranger than usual) in Building 3.  While the odor may remind one of a greasy spoon restaurant that should have been closed by the local Health Department, it was actually the result of an 8th grade Science Lab on the Calorimetry of Food.

Did you ever wonder how the caloric content of food is determined?  To investigate this question, each student provided samples of some of their favorite snack foods for Energy Content Determination.  The students constructed calorimeters from aluminum cans and additional materials provided for them.  They placed a known mass of water at a known temperature in their aluminum-can-calorimeters, ignited their respective food items, and monitored the resulting temperature increase in the water.  Upon carefully determining the change in mass of the food and the change in water temperature, the students used the First Law of Themodynamics and the specific heat of water to calculate the heat energy released by the combustion of their snack food items.  In case you are interested, Doritos produced some spectacularly flammable results … all in the name of Science!  Joseph Black would have been proud.

8th Science Lab     8th Science Lab



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