2-1-2019 Class News

Posted on 02/01/2019

Classroom News


1st Grade - The first graders celebrated the end of their Ancient Egypt unit with a party!  They enjoyed wrapping up like mummies, drawing King Tut, stamping Egyptian symbols into clay, and tasting Ancient Egyptian foods.




3rd Grade -  There is no better way to learn about the anatomy of a human eye than to dissect a real eyeball, in this case, a cow's eyeball.  Both third-grade classes had the opportunity to do just that this week.  After carefully cutting into the eyeball students separated and classified the various parts by the retina, optic nerve, cornea, iris, lens, tapetum, and vitreous humor.  




4th Grade - Books Come Alive!  Books come alive in fourth grade with our monthly book projects. Students choose a book to read for the month and have a menu of over 30 ways to show their understanding of their book to the class. After reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Addy Gill decided to reenact her favorite part of the story and pretend to be Ollivander’s junior assistant and pass out wands to the entire class. Each wand was individually made, with a tag describing the contents of the wand and a carrying case. What a wonderful Random Act if Kindness too! 



4th Grade - Pet Time! 



6th Grade - Mrs. Bartelt's sixth graders are entering a writing contest sponsored by Jeffco Schools.  The prompt was, "If you could invent a machine that did anything, what kind of machine would you invent and why?"  The students have been hard at work and have come up with some creative inventions!  



Helping Others Elective - Students in Mrs. Bartelt's "Helping Others" elective visited the residents at Elk Run today.  Students brought picture books to read and share with the residents.




Night of the Arts - by Patsy Lasater - 

I just wanted to congratulate Gretchen and Brinda on such a wonderful night! The students were SO amazing and all of their hard work certainly paid off.

Big kudos go to Gretchen for all of the time and effort she invested in preparing the 6th - 8th graders to go out there and do their best.  I loved how she mentioned that it didn’t matter whether or not the students made mistakes, that, basically, we are human, we make mistakes and continue on.   

Their artwork was amazing as well, and I loved how every student had a piece of work displayed. What a great way to make everyone feel special!

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